9 Golfers Sink 9 Putts into Same Hole, Video as Amazing as It Sounds

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Apparently, the number of simultaneous putts it takes to astonish and amaze rests at nine. 

Sure, four guys sinking four different balls into a hole at the same time would have been nice. And I am fairly certain I would have smiled at the image of eight golfers doing the same. 

As it turns out, nine is the number of golfers it takes to have my jaw drop figuratively to the computer desk as I question why I can't get one three-foot putt to drop. 

Yet, thanks to a video spotted by BroBible, I now have the frustrating knowledge that nine guys can putt far better than me, and do it at the same time. 

The Daily Mail reports these golf maestros are actually seniors enrolled in Campbell University's PGA Golf Management program. Here, they destroy a similar feat that six students from the Golf Academy of America in Apopka, Fla., performed last fall. 

In case you were into the specifics behind this miraculous collection of shots, the report has you covered:

Campbell, a private Baptist University, is one of only 20 universities in the country that offers a major in the art and business of managing a golf course. 

It is located in the famed golfing haven of the North Carolina Sandhills, not far from Pinehurst Resort - one of the top golf clubs in the South. 

Unfortunately, there is no mention as to whether being amazing is part of the curriculum. 

As for this particular video, we have no idea how many takes it took the students to sink nine simultaneous putts. 

We'd like to think they lined up and dropped an epic team effort on the first go. If not, there had to be that one guy who kept shanking the putt only to get lambasted by his golfing bros. 

I encourage you to try this little feat with your next foursome this weekend. It won't be nearly as spectacular, but it might just impress the drink-cart lady. 

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