NBA Slam Dunk Contest 2013: Ranking Every Dunk of the Night

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterFebruary 17, 2013

NBA Slam Dunk Contest 2013: Ranking Every Dunk of the Night

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    They came, they saw and they dunked. 

    Now it's time to break down the slams that kept us waving the virtual white towel in astonishment. From the forgettable to the dunks that may go down as classics, we have you covered. 

    Here are your contestants: 



    Jeremy Evans (Utah Jazz) 
    Eric Bledsoe (Los Angeles Clippers)
    Kenneth Faried (Denver Nuggets)



    Gerald Green (Indiana Pacers) 
    Terrence Ross (Toronto Raptors)
    James White (New York Knicks)


    Of course, we already have our official winner, Terrence Ross, using the rules and scoring system in play, which you can view here

    However, this is our separate estimation of how delightful these scintillating slam dunks really were. Of course, this is just the start of a grand debate. 

    Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

16. James White: Second Attempt

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    Official Score: 32

    Maybe my expectations were far too great. Perhaps I am just a grump when it comes to dunks. OK, it's a bit of both. 

    James White couldn't get the handle on what would have been a decent dunk and ended up with a near-minimum score after failing to throw anything down. 


    Our Grade: D

    A dunk-happy nation weeps. The high-flyer we really wanted to see goes home early, and we are left to forget all about this contest and remember the YouTube videos of White dunking before Saturday night instead. 

15. Gerald Green: Second Attempt

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    Official Score: 32

    This would have been a tremendous dunk if Green had pulled it off. The Pacers' leaper tried a double dunk and couldn't quite get it to go down.


    Our Grade: D

    The two guys I had pegged to delight in this contest, Green and White, were sent off early. Don't get depressed, because things look up shortly. 

14. Eric Bledsoe: First Attempt

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    Official Score: 39

    After trying an under-the-leg dunk that would have been far better, he settled for this dunk that would have been sweet. You know, if it were in a game. 


    Our Grade: C-

    Time was running out, so we understand Bledsoe was tired. Still, this is not going to cut it at the dunk contest. 

    He barely passes with this dunk nobody will remember. The video is sitting right here, and I already forgot.

13. Kenneth Faried: First Attempt

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    Official Score: 39

    Needs more cowbell.

    This off-the-backboard 360 dunk reads well on paper, but it pretty much has you looking for some caffeine to stay awake.


    Our Grade: C

    Honestly, I gave extra credit because Manimal is amazing, and we grade generously for people we like. 

12. James White: First Attempt

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    Official Score: 45

    The Knicks player is something of an Internet star, but missed his first attempt after bringing out faux airline attendants.

    I had to roll my eyes at this after the last few years of incessant gimmicks. Instead, he kept it light and let his slam do the talking. 


    Our Grade: C

    The man can fly, but this two-handed, free-throw line slam was far too familiar. Oh, and he took off after the line. Stickler alert. 

    Like many of you, I was ecstatic to see what he could pull off. Perhaps the anticipation did him in on this particular throwdown. 

    We have all been waiting to see something special from James White, but this one was just short of what we know he can do. 

11. Terrence Ross: Second Attempt

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    Official Score: 49 

    When the rest of the dunks suffer, a decent one gets all the hype. There is something very satisfying about watching Ross throw up a pass to himself and knock down a 360 slam. 


    Our Grade: B+ 

    If you really need to feel better about yourself, you might want to try a slam in front of these judges. Yes, I enjoyed the dunk, but a 49 is a little ridiculous.

    Somewhere, Vince Carter is rolling over on his sofa.

10. Jeremy Evans: Second Attempt

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    Official Score: 43

    Two basketballs are certainly better than one. The judges suddenly grew tired of watching misses, because they gave a great dunk a mediocre score. We remedy in kind. 


    Our Grade: B-

    Double the basketballs, double the fun. 

9. Gerald Green: Off-Backboard Reverse

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    Official Score: 50

    Green's first-round attempt wasn't the best thing we have ever seen, but it was damn good. Considering the dunks that followed, this was easily one of the best of the night.  

    In case you were wondering, there is always room for an off-the-side-of-the-backboard reverse slam dunk at this event. 


    Our Grade: B

    This was the first dunk of the contest, and one that seemingly indicated this was really going to be an epic showdown.

    Instead, we watched a ton of misses and dunks that were fairly benign. Let's all try to go back to the feelings we had after seeing this initial slam. Because we all thought, "Damn, this is going to be fun." 

8. Eric Bledsoe: Second Attempt

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    Official Score: 50 

    We need to give a shout-out to the West for saving the contest. We were almost asleep until Eric Bledsoe dropped this monster slam. 


    Our Grade: B

    It was all about the punctuation. 

    Bring out your cars and people to jump over, but I still like to see classic slam dunks done to perfection.

7. Jeremy Evans: Finals First Attempt

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    Official Score: One of two dunks to deliver 42 percent of fan vote

    Oh, great. Just what we need from the contest is a thinker of a dunk. Evans jumped over what would later be displayed as a painting of him dunking. 

    Then he signed it. 


    Our Grade: B

    While jumping over objects is more tired than Eddy Curry after wind sprints, we like that Evans had to get both legs over this wide painting. 

    I might have enjoyed the sheet being pulled off the second he went over it somehow. It's all in the reveal, folks.

6. Terrence Ross First Attempt

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    Official Score: 50

    Well, the judges don't seem to be penalizing for missed dunks, because he missed five times and finally pulls off this behind-the-back dunk. 


    Our Grade: B+

    Take out the misses that preceded this one, and we have pretty much the best dunk of the night. 

5. Jeremy Evans: First Attempt

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    Official Score: 47

    Jumping over Mark Eaton is apparently pretty cool. I dock him points for missing this a few times, even if the judges have bigger hearts than I do. 


    Our Grade: B+

    Well, been there and done that as far as seeing guys jumping over other guys. However, this would have been a top contender had Evans thrown it down on the first try. 

    And now, we can continue with the dunk over (insert person or inanimate object). 

4. Kenneth Faried: Second Attempt

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    Official Score: 50 

    This is what I am talking about. This whole contest suffered from one East player and one West getting to the finals. Forget conferences; I wanted to see what the Manimal could have done in the finals. 


    Our Grade: B+

    Don't sleep on the Manimal. 

    Nobody had Faried penciled in as one of the better dunkers in the field. Still, his off-the-backboard, under-the-legs slam was delightful, kind of like most of his games. 

3. Jeremy Evans: Finals Second Attempt

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    Official Score: One of two dunks to deliver 42 percent of fan vote

    Let's forget the toss in the air and the fact that he jumped over his passer. The man got up; enough said.

    Evans nearly touches his head to the rim, and that is enough to have me shaking my head in disbelief. 

    Call this the floating dunk, as he did just that. Someone get Evans down, because he might be just floating around somewhere. 


    Our Grade: A

    When the Three-Point Contest may have been more exciting than the dunk contest, you know what kind of night we had. 

    That just meant you had to savor sweet dunks like this one.  

2. Terrence Ross: Finals Second Attempt

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    Official Score: One of two dunks to deliver 58 percent of fan vote

    The answer to whether Terrence Ross can jump over a ball boy and take the ball between his legs for a dunk is a resounding yes. 


    Our Grade: A

    Let's consider we were all thinking this would be one of the best dunk contests of all time. With Gerald Green and James White on the floor, there was no reason not to think we would be enthralled all night. 

    While some dunks were helped by what seems to be a little judging on a curve, this is a dunk I would have enjoyed any year. 

1. Terrence Ross: Finals First Attempt

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    Official Score: One of two dunks to deliver 58 percent of fan vote

    Just like Green's first dunk, but from the other side. Oh, and it was far better. If an exclamation point were a dunk, this would be it. 


    Our Grade: A+

    An homage to one of the greatest dunkers will do for the best dunk of the contest. 


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