Watch Ryan Hollins Kick Jeremy Lin While He's Down, Literally

Dan FavaleFeatured ColumnistFebruary 14, 2013

Jeremy Lin has an enemy in Los Angeles Clippers center Ryan Hollins apparently.

Midway through the second quarter of the Clippers win over the Houston Rockets, Hollins kicked (yes, kicked) Lin has he was sent to the floor by Lamar Odom. This actually came after Hollins stepped on Lin's wrist when he hit the deck moments before.

The refs handed Hollins a Flagrant One after his second encounter with Houston's point guard, though I'm not entirely convinced he shouldn't have been tossed.

Watching, it seems that Hollins' first foot-to-Lin was accidental. The second one, though? Not so much.

I'm not sure if Hollins was fuming because he had turned the ball over on the previous possession, or if he just forgot this wasn't soccer and Lin's head wasn't the ball. Either way, it was completely uncalled for, bordering on sadistic.

Initially, I spent a split-second trying to figure out why Odom fouled Lin in the first place. Three of Los Angeles' players had gotten back on defense and Odom's foul seemed to come out of sheer laziness more than anything.

Compared to Hollins' jolt of the ankle limbs, however, Odom's foul looked like a hug.

I mean, this was absurd, dangerous and downright dirty. He came within what appeared to be centimeters of kicking Lin's face, then put on a "who done it" face while trying to help Lin up.

Frustrated that Lin had taken the ball away from him or not, transgressions such as these can't be tolerated. Not when Lin drew blood from one of these two incidents.

Normally, I'm one of the NBA's biggest critics, but suddenly I find myself hoping David Stern puts his itchy sanction-finger to good use for once.

By fining the indecency out of Mr. Hollins.