Calling All Saskatchewan Roughriders Fans!

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Calling All Saskatchewan Roughriders Fans!

Let me draw your attention to a newly improved, must-see website designed especially for fans of the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

It is an upgrade for one of the fan sites mentioned in one of my previous articles, entitled Interview with the Roughriders' Biggest Fan.

The new name for the website is It was built specifically for those who "bleed green" and was developed by the fan mentioned in my earlier piece.

A website such as Ridersradio is the ultimate best choice for fans.  It has the major advantage of knowing exactly what the fellow Roughriders fans want to see. There are several features available at the moment, most of which you will not find on any other fan site. They are as follows:

  • Exclusive interviews: After being an integral part of the success of the former version of this site, exclusive, one-on-one interviews with both current and former players (as well as with those who are or who have been a part of the Roughriders organization) will return.
  • Fan membership: What could be better than becoming an official member of Ridersradio than doing so free of charge?
  • Web forum: As an added perk to becoming a member, you are allowed access to the (also free) forum, where fans can meet to discuss everything and anything
  • Streaming audio: The website will have the option of linking you to a live, crystal-clear audio feed, whether it be of an interview or a game.
  • Bus tours: For those living around the Yorkton, Saskatchewan area, it doesn't get any better than this. Ridersradio will be offering different packages (both season passes and individual games) that each include a ride to and from a home game plus a meal. Seats are limited; for more information, contact either the website's developer or me and we will gladly help you out.
  • Downloadable news: Any of the latest news entries can be e-mailed, printed, or opened in .PDF format (with which you can save them to your computer.)
  • In addition, or the fans of the Roughriders who have a Facebook account, there is a group which you can join.

    The development of proves not only that Mr. Nagy truly is one of the most dedicated fans you will ever find in any sport, but also that all you ever really need is a dream.

    Once you have this dream in mind, you shouldn't sit around proscastinating. Take small steps towards it, and eventually these small steps will add up to a glorious whole.

    Once again, I encourage all fans to take a look at and sign up for The Roughriders organization, particularly members of the current roster, are aware of this website and approve. An incredible amount of effort has been put into it, and all of it is for the good of Roughriders' fans and to make them the most fans on the planet.

    Please show your appreciation.

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