CFL: Interview With the Saskatchewan Roughriders' Biggest Fan

Lisa BoychukSenior Analyst IDecember 14, 2008

In anticipation of the 2009 CFL season, Roughrider fans are waiting impatiently.  Now they have seen what the up-and-coming players are capable of, and have lived through the ridiculous amounts of injuries as well as the quarterback controversies.  One particular fan doesn't wait for the next season to roll around—he eats, sleeps, and breathes football.

Meet Aaron Nagy—radio personnel, and avid Riders fan.  He was born in Yorkton, Saskatchewan and moved to the small town of Rhein, Saskatchewan at the age at twelve.  He returned to Yorkton this past year.  His love for football began around the age of six thanks to watching the games with his father.

Aaron began as a volunteer with the Saskatchewan Roughriders organization in 1998, and continued there exclusively until 2002.  This made his love for the game and team grow stronger as the years went on. 

His radio career began shortly after, in 2003.  It has stationed him at various locations: Yorkton at GX94; Flin Flon, Manitoba; Dauphin, Manitoba; and has been back at Fox FM in Yorkton since July of 2007. 

Football is his main game, but he does cheer for an NHL team—the Ottawa Senators.  Not exactly the team to cheer for this year, but hey, they all can't be Habs fans haha.

His other big interest is stormchasing and he has been a spotter for Environment Canada.  While he is not a trained professional, he does have a keen eye.  All he needs to do is look at the sky and he can predict what's about to happen—and he is almost always correct.

His sense of prediction is also proved well when watching a Roughriders game, whether it be on TV or at Mosaic Stadium.  In the two Roughriders game I have attended with Aaron, I have seen how he can call a play long before it ever happens—not just how how it will go, but who the players involved are.

The Saskatchewan Roughriders have shown their appreciation for his support.  He has wholly earned their trust in many ways.  He has even had members of the Roughriders and the CFL offer on-air interviews.  Many of them have also recorded liners for him to play on the air during commercial breaks.

Aaron has become pals with some of the long-time Roughriders, who always enjoy when he comes out to the game.  He has earned the respect of these individuals.  Again, I have been witness to this.  For example, guys like Gene Makowsky saying "Hey Aaron, long time no see" and stop to chat as soon as they walk out of the stadium.  Some of the others from the Riders organization include Rod Pedersen, John Lynch, and Joe Womack.

He is the only reason I own any autographs from or photographs with players from the Roughriders.  He makes a person see that the players are not a bunch of big-shot celebrities.  They do take the time to care if you take the time for them.

Aaron can hardly wait to get his 2009 season tickets.  He believes that with the addition of Jason Clermont, combined with the skill revealed this past season in Andy Fantuz and Weston Dressler, "it is going to be good."  As any other Roughriders fan, Aaron is concerned with the quarterback situation.

It is hard to find someone who truly loves the CFL, and especially the Roughriders, in the way he does.  So many people start watching a sport at a young age and as they grow up they either lose their interest or wain to a different team. Not Aaron—he is as committed as they come.

I hope that you all can appreciate the purpose of this interview, which is to show we should never be afraid to pursue what we love, and the fans that the Saskatchewan Roughriders have really are like none other.

For more information on this die-hard fan, please check out the following sites: His Fox FM profile, his autograph blog, his Roughriders blog or his coin collectors blog.  If anyone would like to contact him for further information or interview, please let me know and I'd be glad to help out.