Shaun Rogers: Still on the Trading Block?

Cory HolibaughCorrespondent IApril 6, 2017

A lot of speculation started earlier this offseason when newly hired Cleveland Browns head coach Eric Mangini unintentionally insulted the team's Pro Bowl defensive tackle, Shaun Rogers.

All Browns fans should know the stroy here:

Mangini doesn't say hello to Rogers (twice apparently).

Rogers is insulted and wants out of Cleveland.

Rogers then skips first week of teams voluntary workouts.

Mangini and Rogers had a sit-down to clear things up; Rogers shows up to the voluntary workouts the following week.

What could have been a disaster for the new Browns head coach has slowly died down and has fixed itself. The possible trade of Rogers isn't such a possibility anymore.

That of course depends on the draft and the digression of Mangini.

Another incident that has cooled down is the B.J. Raji "taking performance enhancing drugs" scandal. Raji was informed recently that it was a hoax and nothing more.

What exactly does this have to do with Rogers, though? It seems as if Rogers might not be in Cleveland come next season.

It is (or should be) clear to all Browns fans that the team is rebuilding. Mangini wants more than five draft picks and Rogers could be bait.

Here is a strong possibility for the Cleveland Browns.

During the Jay Cutler ordeal, it was evident that Brady Quinn was to be an option for Denver. Many thought if a trade was made, disgruntled Rogers could possibly be shipped along with Quinn.

A Defensive tackle is an obvious need in Denver, and a Pro Bowl defensive tackle in a 3-4 defensive scheme is a rarity.

Now with Cutler gone and Denver having two first-round draft choices in the upcoming draft, could the Broncos acquire Rogers?

If the Broncos were to offer a first-round straight up (most likely the 18th overall that they recently acquired from the Chicago Bears), would the Browns bite?

Rogers is a great player but there is a very high chance that he isn't on the team by the time the Browns are ready to win. A additional first-round pick could address an important need for Cleveland.

That is where Raji comes into play.

With the fifth overall pick in the draft, the Browns could safely select Raji. ESPN Analyst Mel Kiper Jr. has the Browns selecting him even with Rogers on the team.

If the Browns took Raji fifth overall, who could they look to take with the pick Denver would give up?

If they received the 12th overall, the Browns could look at various players. Raji could slip here so the Browns could use the fifth overall pick on receiver Michael Crabtree or linebacker Brian Orakpo, safety/cornerback Malcolm Jenkins, linebacker Brian Cushing, or defensive ends Aaron Maybin and Tyson Jackson with the 12th pick.

Now if they received the 18th pick, their outlook would be different. If they had the 18th pick, the Browns would likely select Raji with their fifth pick overall.

Reason being there is a huge drop-off for defensive tackles but plenty of receivers.

Receivers like Percy Harvin, Darrius Heyward-Bey, and Hakeem Nicks should be around mid-to-late in the first round.

Taking Raji and a receiver in the draft would solidify two positions on the Browns roster with Rogers gone and Stallworth in "trouble."

Even if the receiver isn't Crabtree, a receiver they take in the first round would have star potential, or at least would be a starting caliber player.

Trading Rogers has its pro's and con's for the Browns, and acquiring Roger's has its pro's and con's for Denver.

Nothing is for sure in this situation but things should heat up in the future.