Can Hue Jackson Get Marvin Lewis over the Hump in Cincinnati?

Matt GrayContributor IFebruary 10, 2013

Former Oakland Raiders head coach Hue Jackson has added two job titles to his resume this offseason.

Jackson was handed the job as running backs coach in Cincinnati after Jim Anderson announced his retirement a short while ago. However, there's more.

He will also be assuming the role of special assistant to head coach Marvin Lewis. It's too soon to tell exactly how much say Jackson will have, but it's certainly interesting.

When pressed on what his new role entails, Jackson gave an indication of what to expect (via the Bengals' official website):

I'm sure Marvin can find a lot of things for me to do, just knowing him...There are things that a head coach sometimes just gets overwhelmed with and he's done it well for 10 years. So hopefully whatever it is he needs from me he knows that he can lean on me that way. Having sat in that chair there are a lot of things you sometimes don't want to do. We've talked so many times about things that happen. Games and situations and all those things. I think he probably feels there's a role for me to help him in some of those things as we move forward.

A professional response from Jackson, but we know exactly what he means. 

Bengals fans undoubtedly remember Marvin Lewis' "I thanked my team for bailing me out" moment in Week 17 following a playoff-securing win in Pittsburgh.

It's those comments that sum up what Hue Jackson is there to do. Get Marvin Lewis over the hump.

There's nothing more frustrating to Bengals fans than the annual December-January sightings of Lewis running flustered up and down the sideline calling timeouts like they're going out of style. 

Fans will be hoping that Jackson is contractually obliged to slap, shake and tell Marvin Lewis to get it together in those key moments.

He may have rubbed people up the wrong way in Oakland following the death of Al Davis, but he won't have the freedom to do that in Cincinnati. Used properly, Jackson's passion and ballsiness can give Lewis the edge and effectiveness he desperately needs, as the Cincinnati head coach himself pointed out

"I’m going to take better advantage of his expertise in all aspects of football and coaching, which is very wide. He will help me be more effective in a number of ways.” 

Aside from his SA duties, Jackson will certainly bring an added boost to the running back unit.

The Bengals are expected to pay close attention to the position in the draft and free agency. Andy Dalton isn't good enough at this point to carry the team, and a re-emphasis on the running game will benefit him and A.J. Green greatly.