Report: Jeff Hardy Signs Long-Term Deal with TNA

Gone Baby GoneContributerFebruary 7, 2013

Photo Credit: Lee South TNA Wrestling
Photo Credit: Lee South TNA Wrestling

Well folks, it's official. Jeff Hardy is not going back to the WWE any time soon, as TNA President Dixie Carter revealed that Hardy has inked anew deal with the company.

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TNA President Dixie Carter announced during Bellator MMA that current champion Jeff Hardy has been signed to a new "long term deal" by the company. Carter also noted Hardy would return to Impact TV on 2/28 and would be with the company for a "long, long time."

I, for one, am not too surprised by this move. Ultimately, it makes sense for both sides, as Hardy gets a lighter schedule and TNA gets a true face for its company. The fact is, TNA has been struggling to find a homegrown star for Kurt Angle to pass the torch to.

Ultimately, it tried everyone from AJ Styles to Bobby Roode. Sadly, none of them had the star power needed for the company to sustain a long-term fanbase. So, in 2010, the company felt that the next logical step was to bring in an established name in Jeff Hardy and hope for the best.

Unfortunately, this partnership had a few bumps in the road, but both sides were able to persevere and move forward. Keep in mind, it was just two years ago, that fans witnessed Hardy hit rock bottom live on pay-per-view. However, both TNA and Hardy worked through this faux pas and have since realized Hardy's true potential.

Overall, TNA did its best to give Hardy the time he needed to heal, before giving him another main event push. Then, at 2012's Bound For Glory, Hardy once again found himself at the top, as he beat Austin Aries to become TNA's world champion.

In the end, I am a TNA fan and am happy to hear that the two parties could find common ground. Let's face it, the company needs Hardy more than he needs it, so to see him put his faith in the company's future and vice-versa is a great thing.