The Biggest Pranksters in Sports

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistFebruary 7, 2013

The Biggest Pranksters in Sports

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    Why do we take our sports so seriously all the time?

    Yelling at the TV every play. Drinking away our sorrows following a bad loss.

    But thanks to some of our favorite athletes and coaches pulling epic pranks, we're reminded that if they can loosen up a little bit, than so should we.

    These guys may not be comedians, but they definitely garner laughs as if they are.

Mark Cuban

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    For having billions of dollars, Mark Cuban has quite the sense of humor to go along with all of his moneybags.

    He may not be someone you'd think to hire to help entertain a bunch of kids at a 12-year-old's birthday party, but between his lashing out at referees, and then pranking them during an April Fool's skit a couple year's ago, he's pretty darn funny.

    For not taking himself too seriously, he earns a spot.

Corey Koskie

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    Baseball's full of pranksters, but Corey Koskie gets a nod because of who he punked out.

    As Torii Hunter recalls it, Koskie got a hold of David Ortiz's underwear, slabbed some peanut butter in it and waited to see what would happen.

    As Big Papi walked off and felt the creamy (or chunky) spread, he yelled around the locker room to see who the culprit really was.

    Ortiz can thank Koskie for that one.

Joe Montana

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    Those darn quarterbacks. They think they can just do anything they want!

    At least that's how the four-time Super Bowl champion QB comes across with a series of stunts he used to play on teammates during training camp.

    We all know about players riding bikes to and from spots around camp, so good ol' Joe Montana used to hide bikes in trees or let the air out of tires.

    He may be one of the greatest ever, but he had quite the mischievous side to him.

Ken Griffey Jr.

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    Ken Griffey Jr. was handed a silver spoon right out of the womb thanks to his dad being such a great baseball player.

    But just because the former No. 1 overall prodigy lived the good life growing up, he never cared to actually act his age.

    Stories of his pranks are legendary, with one actually resulting in a live cow in the clubhouse after losing a bet for a steak with former manager Lou Piniella.

Clinton Portis

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    Clinton Portis was a pretty darn good running back in his playing days, setting an NFL record 5.5 yards per carry average during his first two seasons in the league—in which he surpassed 1,500 yards in each.

    But as good as he was on the field, he was even more entertaining off of it, thanks to his alter egos he routinely brought to press conferences during seasons.

    He may not be the prankster who tricks his teammates, but he had fun with the media, and that counts big in our book.

Brian Wilson

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    We all know Brian Wilson thanks to his outlandish behavior and partying mentality, but behind the bushiness of his beard is someone who's actually pretty funny.

    He can routinely be seen joking around with teammates, being a pest in the ear—though it seems to be all in good fun.

    Currently a free agent, we hope to see him back on the bump soon just so we can see what he's got up his sleeve next.

Manny Ramirez

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    Most of us know the saying, "Manny being Manny," so if there's any doubt why Man Ram makes this list, just watch this video and laugh at his 10 "best" moments of hilarity.

    Since Manny Ramirez literally never meant to be a funny guy (he was just so aloof all the time), he's one of the biggest pranksters around.

    Dude knew how to have fun, that's for sure.

Steve Nash

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    When the two-time MVP was traded to the Lakers in the offseason, there was a ton of talk about his pairing-up with Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol and Dwight Howard.

    How did Steve Nash carry the heavy burden and expectations? By pulling a prank on D12 in his very first seconds in L.A.

    But the future Hall of Famer is well-known for his comedic behavior, so why would we expect anything less from him?

Eli Manning

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    The usually even-keeled younger brother of Peyton Manning may not be one of the first athletes you think of when it comes to cutting loose, but if you've seen any footage of him hosting Saturday Night Live, you know he's obviously got it in him.

    Like a couple other guys on this list, he's not necessarily pulling a ton of stunts on teammates, but in the right moment, he'll let his funny side come out.

Ryan Dempster

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    When you're the guy behind what's considered by some ballplayers as, "the greatest baseball pranks ever," there's no doubt you know what you're doing.

    Thanks to Dempster's comedic side, any current or future teammates best know not to mess with the Canadian hurler.

Metta World Peace

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    Though he's known for his hard play and short temper on the hardwood, Metta World Peace has a funny side to him that most fans seem to forget about.

    He actually has his own Punk'd-type show, which is supposedly going to follow around other athletes in hopes of putting them on blast.

    We wish him all the best in his quest for the best prank!

A.J. Burnett

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    A.J. Burnett may not have lived up to his mega-deal that he got from the Yankees during the 2008 offseason on the field, but as far as building team camaraderie, we'd say he more than passed the test.

    Credited for bringing the whole shaving cream in the face walk-off celebration to the Bronx, we enjoy the childish sense of humor Burnett has with his teammates.

Dwight Howard

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    Though we mentioned in the Nash slide how Howard's been the butt of at least one prank as a member of the Lakers already, don't be fooled, because he's delivered more than his fair share.

    His impersonations on former coach Stan Van Gundy are pretty funny, so we just hope he gets past all this drama that's going on in L.A. and starts acting like himself a little more.

    We miss the old Howard, who always seemed to be up to something.

Michael Llodra

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    Michael Llodra's name may not mean much to you on the surface, but the bottom line is the guy once "dropped trou" to play a prank on an opposing player, standing naked in Ivan Ljubicic's locker back in 2005.

    The Frenchman single-handedly made Ljubicic always think twice before opening a locker door ever again, so we'd say it was a job well done.

Nate Robinson

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    Listed at 5'9", we wouldn't think Nate Robinson would have the balls to take on a seven-footer like Shaq, but then again, little Robinson did bring down the house at the Slam Dunk Contest years ago, so nothing should shock us anymore.

    He used to pick on the big fella on numerous occasions when both played for the Celtics, so props to him on finding a target, and sticking to it.

Brett Myers

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    Hands down, this is the greatest prank in all of sports.

    It took a full team effort to execute and actually convince the poor pitcher, Kyle Kendrick, to believe he was actually sent to Japan, but with the brainchild being Brett Myers, we give him the credit and have him land on our list.

    We could only imagine how this went down in the clubhouse.

Pete Carroll

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    For being a head coach, you'd think Pete Carroll would want to keep his player's focused and in a routine of being ready for their next opponent.

    But his laid-back attitude allows his guys to always stay on their toes both on the field, and as you can see from the video above, in a meeting room.

    We thought his stunts would end after he left USC for the pros, but apparently pranking guys is just in his blood.

Shaquille O'Neal

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    Whether he was playing or doing his current-gig as a commentator, Shaquille O'Neal has always been a goofball who loves to have fun.

    We could probably write a book about all the antics he's done over the years, but instead we'll just give you a few.

    Like the time he duct-taped Devean George throughout George's rookie year.

    Just go ahead and watch his best 10 moments and you'll see why he's one of the best ever.

Peyton Manning

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    Much like his brother Eli, Peyton's not usually looked at as the funniest dude in the locker room, thanks to his intensity and professor-like demeanor.

    Who can ever forget this commercial where he's doing a not-so-great job of disguising himself, or his spot on SNL.

    Definitely one of the funnier guys in sports, even if he isn't using his comedy to go after teammates.

Karl Power

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    If you can't tell who the odd ball on the left is posing with the Manchester United squad before a match, it's Karl Power, the international prankster who weaseled his way onto the pitch in one of his more famous pranks.

    His claim to fame is being nothing but a prankster, so who else could we put at our top spot?

    For all future athletes looking to get into the prank game, track this guy down and start taking notes, because we're sure he's got a ton of things to teach you.