Alabama's New Multi-Million Dollar Weight Room Is a Fantastic Recruiting Draw

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIIFebruary 5, 2013

Via @mtinney on Twitter.
Via @mtinney on Twitter.

The Alabama Crimson Tide have built themselves yet another advantage on the recruiting trail: a multimillion dollar weight room.

Don't underestimate the draw that a training facility and, specifically, a weight room, can have on recruits. It's not as if Alabama needed much more help on the recruiting trail anyhow, but the Crimson Tide will certainly get an added boost from their new facility.

According to Graham Watson of Yahoo! Sports, the new weight room is huge, and it cost a good chunk of change. That said, it will be used for all Alabama sports:

The two-story facility is 34,000 square feet and cost $9 million. It’s not just for football, it’s for all of Alabama’s sports.

"When people come to Alabama, they expect to see the best," Saban said in June. "We should always strive to have the best. As long as we have the resources and we can provide the best for our student-athletes, that's what we should do in all sports."

This story came off the heels of a picture of the weight room that was put on Twitter by Alabama linebacker Matt Tinney (h/t Watson's report):

Alabama's new weight room will end up being a major point of interest with recruits.

As if the national championships, dominance in the SEC, national relevance or the chance to be coached by Nick Saban wasn't enough, now the Tide can show recruits this weight room.

Believe you me, it's going to have a massive impact.

A weight room/workout facility is important to not only just a player specifically, but to the team in general. Everything that we see happening on Saturdays first starts in a room like this. Not only do players work on their individual goals, but this is where the bonds of a team are truly formed.

Team identity, character and discipline is formed in the weight room. Any football player or coach will tell you that the only room more important to success on the field than the film room is indeed the weight room.

Great programs understand that, so great programs invest in it—much like Alabama has.

The foundations of championship seasons start between those walls. Before you can lift up a trophy, you have to lift up weights.

This new facility will speak volumes about Alabama's program to recruits. It's a sign that the Crimson Tide actually get what makes a great football program.

It's not about hype, it's not about rankings and it's not even about past success.

It's about what you're willing to today, to be great tomorrow.

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