WrestleMania XXV Prediction Competition Results

JSenior Analyst IApril 6, 2009

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About two weeks ago, I posted an article that proposed the idea of a WrestleMania XXV prediction competition. I didn't know whether it would take off, but nearly 60 people joined in, so I was pleased.

There was no prize for this competition, merely the contentment of being the best "oracle" in B/R's Wrestling section.

So to the results:


58th1 point

Jay Rob The Legacy Kid


Joint 51st3 points

Catalina Monsalve

Karl Zimmerman

Michael Wollin

Shane Howard


Connor Green



Joint 47th4 points

Jordan Douglass


Andy J Springer

Christi Lott


Joint 43rd5 points


Celeste Winchester

Carson Tazuk

Jesse A Cerda


Joint 32nd6 points

Jev Thorpe

Terrell Johnson


Dub Sizzle

Matt Cullen

Adam Testa

Josh Swell

Dan Telek


Eddie Pascoe

Jessy Morris


Joint 20th7 points


Joe Rice

James Brandt

Lucas Berndt

Jack Jack

Ste Eccles

David Bowston

Stone Roses Reunite

Benjamin David

Ali Mashraf

Marina Boavista

Srikanth Dileep


Joint 13th8 points

Greg Bush

Rashad August

Garrett Gonzalez

Ian Harrison

Brenton Falkner

Dustie Orton

Adrian Morgan


Joint 9th9 points


Justin Thomas




Joint 6th10 points

Kurt Mehler


Svyato Rovenchuk


Joint 4th11 points

Joe Burgett

Ray Bogusz


3rd12 points

Juni Ramos


In joint 1st place with 13 points each, and winners of the prediction competition…

Josh Fox and Sean David


Congratulations to the winners, may you revel in your victory.

On the back of the success of this competition, I will post one similar for Backlash, probably around the time the matches are confirmed.

The purpose of this kind of competition was to try and stem the number of prediction articles that are produced by members of the wrestling section.

I hope these competitions will provide an outlet for your opinions in the future, as opposed to writing your own articles.

I can’t stop you writing them, but they do get to be too much sometimes, and I’m sure many share the same sentiment.

Thank you to everyone who took part, and I hope you and anyone else reading will take part in the future.