WrestleMania XXV Prediction Competition

JSenior Analyst IMarch 22, 2009

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I, like many others, am getting tired of the reams of WrestleMania XXV prediction articles that seem to be emanating from all corners of the B/R Wrestling Community.

So I have come up with a concept that will hopefully put an end to the madness, but at the same time provide an outlet for these predictions.

I propose a competition, based around who can guess the results of WrestleMania XXV most accurately. No prize, just satisfaction. If there is not much interest then I won’t bother, so I hope you will join in just for the fun of it and to give me something to do.

I have quite often done this with a few of my friends whilst watching pay per views, and we have had good fun doing it. We have also developed a weighted scoring system that I hope to implement here.


How it works

As you can probably guess, you make your picks for the matches that are scheduled for WrestleMania XXV. You have to make a pick for every match, as the winner is based on who gets the most decisions right overall.

Actually that last sentence isn’t entirely true, as this is where the weighting system comes in.

My friends and I all agreed that some matches during pay per views are harder to call than others (possibly due to the unpredictable nature of the match, number of participants, or importance etc.), so some should count more towards your total score.

We decided on awarding each match a score (usually between one and three), which, if guessed correctly by the participant, would add to their total score. Then, the idea being that the biggest score at the end wins.

For example, I will be weighting the Money in the Bank ladder match a three (a high-weighted score as it has many participants), and if I were to guess the winner, then three would be added to my total score.

I will decide on some provisional scores for the matches, but if you feel I have made a huge judgmental error on any please tell me. If enough people think I am wrong I will alter it.

This competition is open to anyone so feel free to make a prediction.

Here are the matches and scores:

WWE Championship: Triple H (c) vs. Randy Orton (3)

World Heavyweight Championship: Edge (c) vs. John Cena vs. Big Show (3)

Unified Tag Team Championship: Colons vs. Miz and Morrison (2)

Intercontinental Championship: JBL (c) vs. Rey Mysterio (1)

Extreme rules match: Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy (2)

The “Streak” match: Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker (3) (changed from 2 due to poll vote)

Money in the Bank ladder match (3)

25 Diva Battle Royal (2)

Chris Jericho vs. Legends match (1)


The Jericho match hasn’t been confirmed on-line yet, and could still be subject to change. I may change the weighting of this if there is change but I don’t know if there will be need to.

As you can see the maximum score for this competition will be 20, so the closest to 20 will win.

I hope you like the idea of this competition and get involved; it only takes a few seconds to vote so you have no excuse not to.

Leave you choices as a stand alone comment below and I will make note of your choices, and I will announce the winner after WrestleMania.

If I may offer some advice; don’t be too predictable in your choices. There are always some upsets on the night so be creative. It’s only a bit of fun so enjoy it.

If it is a well received idea then could possibly do a subsequent competition for Backlash etc., if not then I guess we’ll just have to endure another hundred prediction articles.

Good luck! And please, no more prediction articles.


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