Rob Gronkowski Leaves Super Bowl Soiree to Party Shirtless in Baton Rouge

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterFebruary 1, 2013

Photo Credit: Reddit (via Deadspin)
Photo Credit: Reddit (via Deadspin)

Rob Gronkowski got back to doing what he does best, pounding brews with his shirt off. Only, he went out of his way to skip out of Super Bowl bedlam to do so. 

Deadspin caught this image of Gronk partying it up, as he has been known to do, reminding us that it is offseason time for Gronkowski. 

Prepare your Facebook and Twitter feeds to be inundated with images of Gronk living life to its fullest. At least, living life to its most inebriated. 

The odd part in all this is that the Patriots tight end, who is still healing from a broken arm, left the scintillating locale of New Orleans for Baton Rouge. 

I will let Deadspin's Tom Ley explain: 

The picture above comes from a Reddit user, who claims that it was snapped last night at a bar called Bogie's in Baton Rouge. It should be noted that Baton Rouge is about 80 miles away from New Orleans, which would mean that Gronk went well out of his way for this particular night of college-town partying. 

I for one have no idea what hidden treasures await to be unearthed at Bogie's, but they must be massive if it mandated Gronk's journey nearly 100 miles away from Super Bowl city. 

While Baton Rouge no doubt houses some amazing parties, he just left one of the best parties in the world right now. 

Hell, the 49ers were even up at the strip club in New Orleans, and they have a game to play. 

We are now well past the shock of seeing an NFL player like Gronk party with such passion, even while rocking a cast on his arm. 

This is just his thing; it's what he does to unwind. 

Gronk is just going to grab life by its horns and pour domestic down its throat, and we should all prepare to watch it all unfold. 


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