49ers' Gore, Crabtree and Willis Take Super Bowl Party to Strip Club

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterFebruary 1, 2013

It was only a matter of time before Super Bowl players were caught making it rain at the strip club. That time is now and the players are the 49ers' Frank GoreMichael Crabtree and Patrick Willis. 

TMZ reports the stars were out and about looking for some extracurriculars and happened upon a place specializing in naked ladies. 

Oh, but it wasn't just any strip club, but the famed Penthouse Club which they classify as a, "3-level adult fantasy land."

Hmm, sounds like Disneyland minus the family-friendly fun and more expensive soft drinks. 

First off, let's state that the trio may have been perfectly respectable gentlemen up in the club, because the provided pictures are pretty much as dull as they get. 

And that's a great thing for 49ers fans. 

Second, they may have been there for dinner, per the report:

It's possible the guys were just hungry ... because the Penthouse Club is famous for its "Naked Sushi" ... in which paying customers can eat raw fish off of naked strippers. Sounds appetizing. 


I get a little uneasy when someone takes one of my french fries, let alone eating food off a stripper. I hope they boil the sushi before eating, because that sounds like the opposite of sanitary. 

The report continues to state the club was full of strippers on that particular night. 

Then again, we spoke with someone inside the club who told us there were roughly 120 STRIPPERS working the floor last night. 

One source, very familiar with the strip club scene in New Orleans, tells us ... "Penthouse Club is the real deal ... but you have to be a baller in that place. That's a high-end spot."

So, I'm guessing they frown on throwing quarters up on the stage. 

Either way, this seems to be much ado about little. The players blew off some steam and no doubt a great deal of cash. 

As long as they were back at the hotel at a reasonable hour and are cognizant for team meetings before the Super Bowl, we shouldn't care what they do. 

Hell, Brett Favre was hungover during his Super Bowl win in New Orleans. Wait, sorry. The Packers have always maintained he had the flu

Either way, there are worse things than having your players up in the strip club, like actually eating sushi off a stripper. 


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