WWE News: Robbery Victim More Devastated by Royal Rumble Main Event

Gone Baby GoneContributerJanuary 30, 2013

Courtesy WWE.com
Courtesy WWE.com

Crazy story coming from Central New York, as it appears a wounded robbery victim was more upset about The Rock beating CM Punk at the Royal Rumble than his own injuries.

According to ABC affiliate WSYR:

The 77-year-old Christian Brothers Academy baseball coach shot in the eye during the robbery of his North Side liquor store last week was back at work on Tuesday.

Thomas Dotterer was shot Wednesday night during the robbery of Salina Liquors and Wine.

Thomas says he used to be a "gloomy pessimist," an outlook on life that's changed over time and helped in his recovery.

"All things happen for a reason that preclude, maybe, present understanding, but you deal with the cards that you have dealt,” he said.

Yet, after all this, he joked that wrestling was what really ruined his week. "That's the worst thing that happened to me all week, the Rock beat Punk. Did you know that?"

After the story aired, reporter James Gaddis mentioned that he reached out to both Punk and Johnson via Twitter to let them know about the story. Ultimately, Punk replied to the tweet, asking for proof of the shout-out. Later that evening, Gaddis followed up with Punk and sent the requested footage.

Overall, I have to say this is the first time in recent years that I have seen anyone mention a WWE storyline during an unrelated interview. I am also surprised that Dotterer was upset by the outcome, being as The Rock has nostalgia on his side.

Nonetheless, it appears that the 77-year-old has his favorite and it's not "The Brahma Bull." On another note, I find it interesting that Punk wanted proof before he believed the story. Don't get me wrong, I get that we live in a world full of spam and sensationalized stories, but the tweet came from a legit reporter and not some random guy. Which, to me, would have made the initial tweet more credible.

Keep in mind, even though, this is an intriguing story, it came to be due to a heinous action. Even though, I totally understand that are economy is in bad shape, people need to think before they act. The fact is, the robbers may have cost this man his sight in one eye, but it could have been way worse. Especially considering, he was in critical condition less than a week ago.

In the end, hopefully, Dotterer will have a speedy recovery and the culprits will get what's coming to them. And, even though this was a terrible happening, it goes to show that pro-wrestling and the WWE transcend all ages.