Damien Sandow Will Be WWE Champion Before Cody Rhodes Will

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterJanuary 31, 2013

Photo from WWE.com.
Photo from WWE.com.

The WWE title will be glittering around Damien Sandow's waist before his Team Rhodes Scholars partner, Cody Rhodes, gets to hold that championship.

The Intellectual Savior of the Masses should reach the top of WWE's food chain first based on the strength of his character and his look.

It's not about who deserves the WWE title more, but about who is a better fit in WWE's eyes.

Sandow and Rhodes aren't far apart in terms of promo or in-ring skills. Rhodes has the slight edge in the wrestling department and Sandow is a touch better on the mic than his partner.

These differences won't be how WWE chooses among them to crown a WWE champ first. Something more superficial will separate them.

Sandow simply looks more intimidating than Rhodes.


The self-proclaimed Duke of Decency is deceptively large. He outweighs Rhodes by over 30 lbs.

It's not as if men Rhodes size (6' 2'' 215 lbs) haven’t been champion for WWE, but if the company must choose between the two Rhodes Scholars teammates, it is likely to shy away from Rhodes' more wiry frame.

It may seem like a trivial detail, but looking like championship material is a key component to being the total package.

In addition, it's Sandow's self-righteous intellectual routine that will propel him over Rhodes.

WWE stories are easier to tell with more defined characters.

Since ditching the "Dashing" act and losing his protective mask, Rhodes' character has become hazy. Who is he exactly? What separates him from other heels other than his dastardly mustache?

Sandow on the other hand, has a gimmick with staying power. His character is clear and compelling.

Alberto Del Rio likely wouldn't have gotten pushed so quickly without his Ted DiBiase-like gimmick. A good persona can make a wrestler stand out immediately.

Fans can invest in Sandow more easily than they can with Rhodes.

His motivations are clear. His character is easily digestible.

That's why Sandow will go higher faster than Rhodes. That’s why Sandow is going to play the foil for WWE's top faces. Having a good guy silence Sandow with his fists is going to make crowds happy for a long time to come.

In under a year Sandow has already ascended to a position where WWE has pitted him against John Cena and Sheamus. Next up is full-blown feuds with them.

Expect Sandow to strap a world title around his waist with his pinkies out before too long, or at least before Rhodes does.