Hyundai Sonata "Stuck" Super Bowl Commercial Features Flirty Fat Guy

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There is nothing worse than being stuck behind some absurd and horrible vehicle when bumping along in your Hyundai Sonata. 

At least, that's the sentiment from this particular Super Bowl commercial. 

If you are looking for a morale to the story, it might be that sometimes in life you have to swerve to the left and punch the gas as hard as you can, because fat guys on bikes are awful. 

Perhaps I am reading too much into this particular ad. 

Either way, this was hardly the Super Bowl winner for me, but I am sure it will resonate with many who watch it this Sunday in between Super Bowl TV timeouts. 

I did enjoy the moment the big guy on the bike blows a kiss to the two in the Sonata, only for the man driving to return a face that was priceless. 

Everything else was chuckle-worthy, but nothing more. If we are grading on a pure Mark Sanchez Butt Fumble scale of hilarity, I would have to lend about 2-out-of-5 botched Sanchez possessions. 

I am a little uneasy about the prospects for a historic Super Bowl in regards to commercials. This particular one, the latest Toyota ad with Kaley Cuoco and the Go Daddy spot leave me thinking we may be in store for a down year when companies play it safe with the humor.

The Hyundai commercial is certainly entertaining, but will be no doubt be stuck behind others for best at the Super Bowl.

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