'Big Bang Theory's' Kaley Cuoco Is Toyota Genie in Super Bowl Commercial

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The Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco is a wish-granting genie, who surprisingly, isn't asked once for a date with Kaley Cuoco

That might be near the top of most people's wish list. 

Instead, the Super Bowl commercial for Toyota aims to grant laughs by having a family's cavalcade of wishes spiral out of control while the dud of a dad continues to get the short end of the wishing stick. 

We are traipsing ever so slowly to Super Bowl Sunday, a time when the beer will flow like water and the entertainment will be non-stop. 

The game is just one aspect of the fun, because the commercials take up valuable space in your Sunday interests. Thanks to YouTube and social media, we get a sneak peek at all the wonderful spots that will no doubt lead to heated debate in living rooms across the nation. 

As for this particular commercial, it works. 

There is nothing terribly memorable about the ad, other than poor dad getting the worst of the wishes granted. 

My favorite part would have to be the little girl asking to be a princess and being granted her own rabid army to control. 

On the whole, a very nice job by Toyota, but not the best we have seen thus far. 

I give it 3-out-of-5 Mark Sanchez Butt Fumbles on the hilarity scale. 

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