WWE Elimination Chamber 2013: Why PPV Should Still Feature 2 Chamber Matches

Mike ChiariFeatured ColumnistJanuary 29, 2013

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

Due to the announcement of a singles match between The Rock and CM Punk for the WWE Championship at Elimination Chamber, it appears as though the upcoming pay-per-view might feature just one Chamber match. There is a way to circumvent that, though, and the WWE should do everything in its power to do precisely that.

Elimination Chamber has existed as a pay-per-view since 2010 and each event has utilized two Chamber matches. The tradition obviously doesn't rival WrestleMania or the Royal Rumble, but there is something to be said about consistency. Most fans go into the Chamber event expecting two Chamber matches and it would be unfair to offer anything less.

The WWE already ripped the fans off to some degree with Hell in a Cell. That pay-per-view is similar to Elimination Chamber in that it had always featured two Hell in a Cell bouts, but the 2012 edition only used the cell for CM Punk vs. Ryback. Although the match between Sheamus and Big Show was excellent, it was puzzling that the demonic structure wasn't part of their tilt as well.

A bad precedent was set by having a single Hell in a Cell match and Elimination Chamber could very well suffer a similar fate. The WWE Championship is already spoken for and John Cena is waiting in the wings as the No. 1 contender, so there is no way that a Chamber match involving that title can take place. A World Heavyweight Championship Chamber match is a given, but that could potentially be the only one on the card. 

In the interest of remaining consistent, though, another Chamber match should be added—regardless of the fact that the WWE Championship won't be contested in it. Even if the writers decide to do a Chamber match for the United States or Intercontinental Championship, that would be better than leaving a second one off the card altogether. With that said, I believe WWE should have an Elimination Chamber battle without any title significance whatsoever.

It's important to remember that Cena has nothing to do between now and Elimination Chamber since the WWE Championship feud is all about The Rock and Punk. Because of that, there isn't an obvious spot for him on the card. It would be silly to leave him out after all the momentum he gained from winning the Royal Rumble, though, so he has to be utilized in some way.

Since The Shield attacked him on Raw, I would propose a three-on-three Elimination Chamber match pitting The Shield against Cena and two partners. It's about time for The Shield to have another match, as their only one thus far took place at TLC. They figure to be on the WrestleMania card in some capacity and it would be wise to prepare them for it.

There aren't a ton of options when it comes to Cena's partner, but one obvious choice is Ryback. The Shield has been a thorn in Ryback's side since Survivor Series and he was one of the men who came to Cena's aid on Monday. Ryback could potentially be in the World Heavyweight Championship Chamber match, but he has never been a factor in that title picture, so I'm inclined to believe he'll be left out.

The ideal third member of the team would be Sheamus, since he also attempted to help Cena on Raw and he has been battling The Shield recently as well. There is little doubt that Sheamus will be competing for the World Heavyweight Championship, though, so he won't be a possibility. The same can be said for Randy Orton too, meaning the cupboard is seemingly bare.

One man who would like to exact revenge on The Shield as much as Cena and Ryback, however, is Brad Maddox. It was revealed on Raw that Paul Heyman had paid off both Maddox and The Shield to help Punk retain the WWE Championship on multiple occasions, but Heyman was unhappy with Maddox's work, so he had The Shield decimate him.

Even though Maddox has been a heel to this point, getting beaten down by The Shield will likely necessitate a face turn. I was really enjoying Maddox's heel character, but I feel like he can pull off being a face too. He has natural charisma and an interesting promo style, plus he is on the small side and is a natural underdog, so the fans can get behind him.

The match would be pretty simple to book as well. Maddox and Seth Rollins would start out, and since the order of entry is random in a storyline sense, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns would be the next two in. They would destroy Maddox while Cena and Ryback look on helplessly from their pods. They would then pin and eliminate Maddox.

Ryback would come out next with some instant offense, but The Shield would subdue him as well until Cena enters last with a flurry of offense. Cena and Ryback would ultimately work in tandem to pick off The Shield members one by one and they would end the match standing tall together.

Not only would that be beneficial to Cena since he needs to win heading into WrestleMania, but it would be great for Ryback as well, as he has yet to pick up a significant pay-per-view win. Cena and Ryback going toe to toe as the final two in the Royal Rumble was positive for Ryback—despite the loss, but working with Cena will prove to be even better.

Some might argue that this would constitute a "burial" of The Shield, but that isn't the case. Facing Cena would be big for the youngsters whether they win or lose. As long as they bounce back and win at WrestleMania, it won't matter. Ryback needs a win more than they do at this point, and Cena has to maintain his momentum as well.


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