WWE Royal Rumble Results: The Miz Should Have Defeated Antonio Cesaro

Travis TaylorFeatured ColumnistJanuary 27, 2013

Photo by WWE.com
Photo by WWE.com

On the Royal Rumble pre-show match, The Miz was pinned by Antonio Cesaro during their United States Championship bout.

Given that Miz seems to be being pushed as a new Ric Flair, he should have defeated Cesaro.

On an episode of Miz TV before the Rumble, Miz interviewed the legendary Flair. The two bonded in the ring, trading struts and woos.

Toward the end of the segment, Cesaro came down to the ring to trade barbs. Flair and Miz took turns punishing Cesaro with moves. In what was the whole point of the bit, Flair, as he went to put on the figure-four, essentially passed it on to Miz.

Miz went on to use the move on Epico (who tapped) and Ziggler (who didn’t). It is obvious that having Miz use the move is an attempt to put him over with the crowd. In some way, they want him to be like Flair.

If the WWE was anointing Miz as the next Flair, why did he lose to Cesaro?

Miz needed to ride the wave of his new move and association with Flair and a win over Cesaro would have propelled him forward. He should not been pinned. He could have won by count out or submission, or perhaps even by disqualification.

Instead, not only did Cesaro win, he dominated the bout.

Miz came out to big pop, but Cesaro soon trapped him with a headlock and hit an amazing tilt-a-whirl-slam. A scoop slam and a Michinoku driver followed that.

Miz had a short comeback, before Cesaro took over again. Miz went for the figure-four and, the funny thing is, Cesaro got out of it!

A few minutes later, Cesaro won.

It makes no sense for Miz to be connected so strongly with Flair and his moves and to lose so quickly. He was pinned and Cesaro broke the very hold that had been highlighted so much.

In order for Miz to be like Flair, he needs more than to wear a suit and tie and be cocky. Flair was a master in the ring. Yes, he lost on occasion, but his opponents never had an easy time beating him.

Miz needs big wins and titles. Otherwise, what was the point?