Watch Ray Allen Return to TD Garden Floor as Celtics Fans Show Mixed Emotions

Dan FavaleFeatured ColumnistJanuary 27, 2013

And the indecision continues.

Moments after the Boston Celtics faithful both booed and gave Ray Allen a standing ovation during his tribute video, they perpetuated the vacillation once he checked into the game.

As has become the early trend in Boston, Allen was met by a tepid mix of jeers, cheers and I believe even some indifference. As Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski tweeted:

Ray Allen is checking into the game now, met with a fairly tepid chorus of boos. Welcome back.

— Adrian Wojnarowski (@WojYahooNBA) January 27, 2013

Once again, color me astounded. Like really astounded.

Mixed emotions during the tribute video were one thing, but I personally pegged Celtics fans to be anything but faithful, let alone almost kind, upon Allen's entry.

Illustrious five-year tenure or not, this is the guy who spurned them in favor of a division rival and archenemy in the Miami Heat—for less money. Surely Boston couldn't be that forgiving that soon.

As it turns out, it isn't.

Order was restored almost immediately after, as a chorus of boos persisted every time Allen touched the ball, per's Jessica Camerato: 

#Celtics fans are now booing Ray Allen every time he has the ball.

— Jessica Camerato (@JCameratoNBA) January 27, 2013

Still, nothing about Boston's collective reaction screamed "everlasting hatred." Sure, the welcome wasn't exactly warm and fuzzy, but it was far from cold and disgusted either. In fact, if I were Allen, I'd be taking a bow and blowing proverbial kisses at the crowd. I mean, Carmelo Anthony was met with more of a collective heckle than he was.

Which means the Boston faithful must not be as unforgiving or angry as we thought.

Or maybe they're just as indecisive as Dwight Howard.