WWE Royal Rumble 2013: What If the Rock Wins the WWE Championhip at the PPV?

David LevinSenior Writer IIJanuary 25, 2013


How in the world is the WWE going to pull this one off? Seriously, is a win by The Rock really going to be a good thing for wrestling in general?

Can a part-time wrestler, no matter how great he is, be the face of a wrestling promotion that has lauded over a current champion for the past 432 days? CM Punk, like him or not, has been a great champion. Not a transitional champion, but a champion.

The Rock winning the title would be great, linking the old guard with the new and making WWE “must-see television” again. But it also presents a lot of scheduling difficulties, weekly obligations and of course lack of appearances on Raw or any other television program.

So, dare I ask? Would a win by The Rock really help the WWE?

Like I have said before, the WWE is in need of solid wrestling, changes in writing, more feuds (Antonio Cesaro vs. Ryback, please) and the likely surprise or two that happens once in a blue moon.

I love the fact that The Rock can still deliver a great promo, sound good singing songs and make us believe he is still “The People’s Champion.” But when push comes to shove, Hollywood will call and well, The Rock will run to the West Coast.

Seems like he is torn between two lovers, and in the end we all will be fools (if you don’t know the song, you weren’t born before 1980).

What I see is some interference on someone’s part by Vickie Guerrero, Paul Heyman, Brad Maddox or Brock Lesnar. I don’t see The Shield in this anymore. They will have other fish to catch at the PPV. The title is upheld. There is a rematch in Elimination Chamber with the title on the line featuring The Rock, John Cena, Ryback, CM Punk and Brock Lesnar.

And before you ask, Lesnar isn’t the brains behind The Shield. That is for another column of who I think the captain of that ship is (I’ll give you a hint, though, they had ties to a former WWE star).

With two days remaining before the Royal Rumble, let’s hope there is a contingency plan if in fact The Rock walks out of Phoenix with the title.

The WWE and the fans need more than a part-time champion from a part-time wrestler.