Manchester United Transfer News: Jurgen Damm Would Be Ideal Fit for Red Devils

Aidan ReynoldsContributor IIIJanuary 24, 2013

Jurgen Damm is reportedly close to signing with Manchester United. (Photo via
Jurgen Damm is reportedly close to signing with Manchester United. (Photo via

Jurgen Damm wasn’t very well known until Manchester United came calling. However, the Mexican winger would be an excellent addition to a United team whose wide men have sometimes misfired this year.

Following the game against Tottenham Hotspur, Michael Cox published a piece in The Guardian outlining some of United’s shortcomings:

With their focus on Bale, combined with Lennon's crucial contributions, United's lack of flying wingers was conspicuous: Ashley Young is injured, Nani is out of favour and the substitute Antonio Valencia has been poor in recent months.

United only managed two attempts on target, their lowest figure of the season, primarily because they did not have men to carry the ball forward on the break to create chances – Ferguson needed the type of threat he had been so determined to prevent Tottenham showcasing.

The introduction of Damm would immediately add some variety in this area, as he is capable of playing on either side.

The 20-year-old was brought in for a trial by Sir Alex Ferguson, which was apparently a success, as Metro has reported that United are close to a deal with Estudiantes Tecos, rumoured to be worth between £500,000 and £2 million. He has a German father, and therefore has an EU passport, according to The Daily Mail.

Damm is obviously a player in need of development, but the early signs are encouraging. He has good attacking instincts and a decent delivery from wide positions. Ferguson is said to have been made aware of Damm by Javier Hernandez’s agent, Eduardo Hernandez, which prompted United to bring him in.

Damm’s appearances in a United shirt will depend on his initial performances.

He is going to be one of those players whose future could be decided very early. He has a lot of talent, but is still a raw prospect. Unleashing him onto the Premier League so soon would be a very risky manoeuvre, and if done too early could set Damm’s development back very quickly.

However, the form of Valencia is a concern and United miss his contributions to the game.

Even when he isn’t on the ball, he has the added benefit of drawing defenders away and freeing up space for the midfield to exploit. Of course, when he is on the ball he is also capable of fireworks, setting off quickly and exploding into counter attacks as teams struggle to adjust.

The addition of Damm gives Ferguson a chance to try something new. With Valencia struggling for confidence, it’s a move that suggests the manager is looking to bring in hungry players to compete for a place on the team.

The plan will no doubt be to ease Damm into his role, gradually guiding him through the ranks of the reserves to see how he copes with English football. It’s going to be a totally different experience for him, and he may take some time adjusting.

However, if the young winger makes an immediate impact—and the current situation with United’s wide men continues—he could take the field in a first-team fixture much sooner than expected.