Jay Cutler: The New Most-Hated Player in Sports

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Jay Cutler: The New Most-Hated Player in Sports
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All was well in Denver. That is before they fired their legend of a coach and brought in an inexperienced kid to be the replacement. I have nothing against Josh McDaniels; I actually think he's going to do a great job, but look at the timing of this. Besides that, firing Mike Shanahan, are you nuts!

From the moment McDaniels arrived he knew Jay Cutler wasn't his quarterback, even though he went back and forth in the media saying that Jay was his guy and they didn't want anyone else, but honestly, we all saw right threw him.

Do you really blame him? Sure Cutler has a great arm, good poise in the pocket, he seems to have the desire to win, but can you really build a franchise around him? We all know he can pass, 4,526 yards last season.

We know he can throw touchdowns as well, but he is also pretty good at throwing interceptions.

Cutler also has a .500 record, that's something to brag about. In his defense he has only been a full time starter for two years now, and in this day there is more of a demand for production than ever before, but does this guy have to right to complain about being traded?

Does he honestly think he ranks up with the likes of Tom Brady, Peyton Manning or Carson Palmer?

Cutler finally got his wish Wednesday afternoon when he was traded to the Bears. Congratulations Jay, not only did you wind up in a place where no quarterback has succeeded in the past twenty years, but you wound up on a worse team. Be careful what you wish for!

This guy basically slapped the NFL in the face. How dare he whine about getting traded or the possibility of being traded? That's not his decision to make and besides that, he wasn't worth the hassle.

Does anyone really think he's going to be respected in Chicago? Looks like the league has yet another drama queen on there hands.

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