Will Rory MacDonald's Obsession with Carlos Condit Hurt or Help Him in Rematch?

Corey MoranContributor IJanuary 23, 2013

Back in 2010, Rory MacDonald was young, undefeated and climbing the ladder to the UFC welterweight title.

All that changed when he met Carlos Condit in the Octagon at UFC 115.

On the first card of the night’s main event, MacDonald was getting the better of Condit leading up to the third and final round. Within the last minutes of the third, “The Natural Born Killer” began an onslaught of takedowns, elbows and punches, leaving the ref to call the fight in favor of Condit with just seconds remaining.

Had it gone to the judges’ cards, MacDonald most likely would have won.

It’s no secret that MacDonald has sought revenge ever since that night in Vancouver. His obsession became even more apparent after his victory over BJ Penn at UFC on FOX 5 back in December. As if channeling Chael Sonnen, he called out Condit to a rematch on national television literally seconds after his fight was over.

MacDonald went on to explain to Joe Rogan inside the Octagon how he was humiliated and embarrassed by Condit and how the loss still haunts him even today.

Jeez. This is MMA! Unless your name is Anderson Silva or Jon Jones, you might lose a fight every now and then.

It’s not the fact that MacDonald called out Condit; it’s in the manner and timing in which he did it that seemed a little odd and pretentious. It came off like Rory did it in hopes of exacting revenge while embarrassing Condit in Canada, Rory’s home country. MacDonald still seemed really bitter as if Condit had somehow wronged him or run over his puppy.

Even Condit seem to find the call-out rather strange and awkward. Per MMA Junkie:

I think the whole thing was pretty, I don't know, the tone of it made it seem like I had wronged him, Condit said. Like I did something wrong. I was just doing what the hell I'm supposed to do.

While trying to get in your opponent's head is all part of the fight game, MacDonald's in-ring attempt at intimidation wasn't a smart move on his part. Not only did he come off like a jerk, he may as well have just given Carlos more motivation than before.

Plus, times change. MacDonald is not the same fighter he was back at UFC 115, but neither is Condit, for that matter. Both have elevated their game exponentially since they met almost three years ago.

With 40 professional fights under Condit’s belt to Rory’s 15, I see Condit still being the more experienced and technical fighter this time around, once again overwhelming the young MacDonald with his unique and fast-paced style.  

That’s not to say I don’t like watching MacDonald fight, because I do. He’s tough and brings it every time he steps into the cage.

Either way, this is going to be an exciting fight and I will be glued to the television come March 16th.