Bleeding Purple

shawn gooderumContributor IApril 2, 2009

MINNEAPOLIS - AUGUST 25:  Flag runners of the Minnesota Vikings run up field against the Baltimore Ravens on August 25, 2006 at the H.H.H. Metrodome in Minneapolis, Minnesota. (Photo by David Sherman/Getty Images)

I was eight years old. Ok maybe nine. I didn't know what football really was at the time. I really wasn't into sports. I would watch my ol' man sit at the TV every Sunday and yell at what appeared to be some sporting event. I had to find out what my Dad was so emotionally into, so I asked him if I could watch a game with him.

Of course he was so happy his little boy wanted to somehow bond with him and he invited me to watch the next game with him. The year: 1987. The Vikings had just gotten a wild card spot in the playoffs. Tommy Kramer was the quarterback, Darrin Nelson was the running back, and yes the infamous Anthony Carter was the wide receiver. The game was against New Orleans.

Tommy Kramer coming back from injury had gotten the nod. After just the first series for the Vikes and he was out, sacked, hurt, and done! New Orleans was stepping all over the Vikings at this point. In steps the back up, Wade Wilson, a back up his whole career.

I watched him throw a last second halftime hail marry to Hassan Jones for a touchdown, and the Vikings went on to win very easily. The next week they would head into San Francisco to face the 49ers.

From that point on I was addicted to Viking football. I have rarely missed a game in that time and I am now 31 years of age.

The next week, Minnesota destroyed the 49ers in the  playoff game and Anthony Carter broke the record for most receiving yards in a  playoff game. I loved watching every moment of it. The action, the suspense was just awesome to me. I wanted to be like them and soon my little league football career would start.

Now all true Viking fans know what happened the following week in the NFC Championship Game against Washington, Yes I know and I have to say it......Darrin Nelson dropped a perfect throw in the end zone in the final moments that would have won the game and brought Minnesota to its fifth Superbowl. *sigh*

It is now 2009. Yes I can take you back to '98 or 2000 and bring up all those heart breaking moments. And If a woman had broken my heart as much as the Vikings have done in the past......Hell, I would of dumped her long ago. But this is true love, and as much as they have broken my heart, I will still love my vikings.

Now don't feel bad for me. Feel bad for my ol' man. An avid Vikings fan since the franchise has started. Man, to see them lose 4 Superbowl's and have to watch what I have watched through out the years has to mean he loves them even more.

Now my pops is old, and he doesn't have much time left. And I know in my heart, that he would pass away a lot happier seeing the Vikings win just one god damn Superbowl. He deserves it more than any Viking fan. I can't even count how many games me and my ol' man have sat at the tv pigging out on popcorn and drinking coke watching and cheering and yelling at the TV during Viking games.

Let me tell you people (I think a lot can relate to this), if we were in charge we would of won a Superbowl every year!

So as time ticks, I will still love my Vikes, as will my ol' man. But I got to ask myself sometimes..........when will this organization get there damn heads out there ass's and complete the final pieces to the puzzle and get this cursed organization a championship to their long die hard fans?

Its kind of like that old tootsie pop commercial. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Toostie pop? The world may never know....................