Wooing Jay Cutler: Will The Washington Redskins Get It Right This Time?

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Wooing Jay Cutler: Will The Washington Redskins Get It Right This Time?
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The rumors are rampant. The Broncos' soon-to-be ex-quarterback, Jay Cutler, just might be the next quarterback of the Washington Redskins.  

Jason Campbell, the current Redskins QB, is saying all the right things. But even Campbell, who is used to change, probably believes his time is short in the nation's capital. Because in Washington, under the Dan Snyder regime, where there is smoke there usually is fire, and no price is ever too high. Snyder's Redskins are a controversy magnet. 

But this time, just maybe, the Redskins will get it right. A lot of folks have things to prove right now. How many more times must the ultra-successful businessman Snyder fail in trying to do the right thing for the team he loves? And make no mistake, Snyder does love the Redskins. Perhaps too much, but there is love. 

Sometimes, though, even the mistake-prone can finally stand up straight. Just ask the folks in Arizona. Who would have ever thought that the woebegone Cardinals would make it to the Super Bowl and almost win it? And maybe after more than a decade of super spending and errant deal-making, Snyder's Redskins will once again become the powerhouse that the team's rabid fans have been waiting for for nearly two decades.

And the talented Jay Cutler, who is fast earning a reputation as an immature prima donna, needs a new team to lead. And a reputation to rebuild. He has quickly proven what he can do on the football field. What better place to be than Washington to prove that he can overcome any concerns about his leadership or the bout of head-case-itis that he recently has been afflicted with?

Also, maybe the Redskins ought to bring in Mike Shanahan, while they are at it. Cutler admired Shanahan, who led the Broncos to back-to-back Super Bowl championships a decade ago but was fired at the end of this past season in Denver when ownership believed he no longer had the magic to get it done in the Mile High City. That firing is what started the whole saga of Cutler's unhappiness.

Sometimes a makeover is really a do-over, and the Redskins are badly in need of another do-over. I'm betting this time they might get it right, even by accident, if they bring in Cutler.

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