Denver Broncos: Do the Right Thing and Get Jason Campbell

Billy DeCostaCorrespondent IApril 2, 2009

SAN FRANCISCO - DECEMBER 28:  Quarterback  Jason Campbell #17 of the Washington Redskins passes the ball during the game against of the San Fransisco 49ers at Candlestick Park on December 28, 2008 in San Francisco, California. (Photo by: Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images)

Regardless of what Jay Cutler said last night, it seems pretty apparent that the Broncos are going to get rid of the 25 year-old pro bowler. Reports suggest more than 10 teams have already shown their interest.

Chicago, Detroit and Tampa Bay are among those who have already placed a call to the Broncos front office.

But Josh McDaniels knows he's in hot water with Denver fans. If he takes just picks, whether that be the first pick from Detroit or from somewhere else on the board and he has to take a rookie QB, he can count on a down year at Mile High. He can't afford that right now with the fan base and even Belicheck disciples know the fan base controls your job status.

He needs a young QB that has at least proven himself to be a viable starter right now and a at least one high pick and probably at least a third rounder. That's where the Redskins come in.

Put aside that Dan Synder always wants the hottest commodity on the market, the Redskins could pull off a deal just like the one I dreamed up and it would make good sense for both sides.

Jason Campbell could immediately replace Cutler as the Broncos' starting quarterback. It's also worth pointing out that the Redskins have the 13th overall pick in this years draft, as well as a mid-third rounder and the option is always there to stick one of next years picks into the deal.

But Denver needs to get this done just as much as Dan Synder thinks the Redskins need to do get this done.

One thing you have to give Josh McDaniels, like him or not, is that he knows how to get the most out of his quarterbacks. He's getting a serious talent in Jason Campbell.

Campbell has a major league arm and fits the perfect mold of an elite QB at 6'5", 235.

One major knock on Jay Cutler is that he gets picked-off too much. I think Josh McDaniels' offensive system would have eradicated that but now that he's forcing his way out of Denver you have to look at how his replacement fits in that same system.

Jason Campbell started the first eight games of the season without throwing one interception. He completed the same percentage of his passes that Jay Cutler did.

We have to remember the way Josh McDaniels calls a game. He emphasizes ball control by spreading out defenses and hitting short passes underneath. This keeps his QB's from making a lot while at times setting up the long pass better than a consistent pounding of the ball up the middle.

Campbell has the smarts to execute the short pass plays while having the arm strength to make the big throw downfield. He would have the receivers in Denver to make that all work too. Brandon Marshall looking for the big play, Eddie Royal getting the intermediate throws to keep the defense from putting all their attention on Marshall and slot receiver Brandon Stoakley, who fits the slot position perfectly.

Campbell and Cutler are very similar talents, Cutler is only regarded as better because he put up big numbers in a pass-heavy system. I'm not saying he's overrated, but passing numbers, especially total yards, are just as much a reflection on the offensive system the quarterback runs than on the base talent of the QB himself.

Hence the reason that Campbell's stat line, who has the nearly the same physical abilities as Jay Cutler but played in a run-heavy system compares to Cutler's like this.

Campbell: 3245 yards, 62.3% Comp, 13 TD's, 6 INT's, 84.3 QB Rating

Cutler: 4526 yards, 62.3% Comp, 25 TD's, 18 INt's, 86.0 QB Rating

Now, if Denver can manage to grab Jason Campbell from the Redskins they would have an immediate replacement who's still only 27 years old and would shine in Josh McDaniels offensive scheme. His stats would improve dramatically.

Beyond that though, Denver would get draft picks they can use to help rebuild their defense while their offense would really lose none of the dynamic firepower it showed last season. The Jay Cutler thing will go away, Dan Synder will get his latest man-crush and in not too short a time, people in Denver will forget all about this saga.