5 UFC Fighters Using Nasty Knees

Anthony Fusco@fusconation16Correspondent IIIJanuary 19, 2013

5 UFC Fighters Using Nasty Knees

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    Fighters in the UFC are the best in the world at what they do.

    They have studied many forms of martial arts and have worked them into one fluid style that suits their needs.

    One weapon in the UFC that fighters use particularly well is the knee. The knee is the battering ram of the human body and for good reason.

    When a fighter knows how to correctly deliver a knee, the results can often be quick and brutal.

    Here are just a few examples of devastating knees delivered by UFC fighters, but I'm always open for more suggestions in the comments section.

    Without further ado, let's dive into some nasty UFC knees.

Fabricio Werdum vs. Roy Nelson

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    Fabricio Werdum returned to the UFC to fight Roy Nelson back at UFC 143.

    Many fans knew Werdum as primarily a ground based fighter, but that quickly changed.

    Werdum came out and in the first round absolutely brutalized Nelson with knees. It was a picture perfect display of Muay Thai from the Brazilian.

    At one point the fight even needed to be stopped to check on the bloodied face of Nelson.

    The bout ended up continuing and Werdum took a unanimous decision largely because of the killer knees he employed throughout the bout.

Georges St. Pierre vs. Matt Serra 2

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    Georges St. Pierre lost his welterweight title to Matt Serra back at UFC 69.

    St. Pierre rattled off a couple of wins to get a shot at the man to defeat him and take his belt.

    Boy oh boy did GSP come ready to prove that he deserved the belt.

    In the second round GSP unleashed some of the nastiest knees to the body that the UFC has ever seen.

    Serra had given up his back and GSP is punching him in the head and kneeing him in the body. Serra tries to get St. Pierre in his guard but to no avail.

    GSP again takes his back and delivers four consecutive hard knees to Serra's ribcage. That was enough to stop the fight and get GSP his title back.

Abel Trujllo vs. Marcus LeVesseur

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    Abel Trujillo made his UFC debut one to remember.

    Trujillo wouldn't let himself get taken down by LeVesseur, and defended each shot his opponent tried.

    Early in the second round, LeVesseur landed a good shot only to be dropped by a bigger one from Trujillo. That's when he really went to work.

    With LeVesseur up against the cage, Trujillo picked his spots and began firing off massive knees.

    He landed these knees over and over until the referee stepped in and ended the fight.

    Personally, those were the nastiest knees to the body I've seen in the UFC since GSP vs. Serra 2 went down.

Anderson Silva vs. Rich Franklin

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    Fresh off of his win against Chris Leben, Anderson Silva was granted a title shot against Rich Franklin.

    Franklin came out strong and pushed the pace of the fight.

    But everything changed when Silva got inside and applied a Muay Thai clinch.

    Silva landed knees to the body and head of Franklin, and you could visibly see the effect each had. Franklin began to tire and Silva took advantage and went upstairs even more with his knees.

    Silva finished off his destruction by landing a head kick that wobbled Franklin, and ended his night with a vicious knee to the forehead.

    From that moment on, the UFC had a new and dominant middleweight champion.

Vitor Belfort vs. Marvin Eastman

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    Vitor Belfort made short work of his opponent Marvin Eastman in their UFC 43 bout.

    Right off of the opening bell, Belfort was pressuring Eastman with his dangerous striking.

    Then Belfort landed a kick that caused Eastman to stumble forward. Belfort applied a Thai clinch and landed two heavy knees to Eastman's chin.

    The second knee dropped him and Belfort swarmed with punches until the referee pulled him off.

    The combination of knees and punches also left Eastman with a massive cut on his forehead above his eye.

    It is one of the largest and nastiest cuts in UFC history.

    Just goes to show what a couple of well-placed knees can really do.

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