The Denver Broncos Have Many Options

Steven FinchCorrespondent IApril 2, 2009

John Elway hugs the Denver Broncos mascot  during an alumni air it out flag football game February 10 before  the 2006 Pro Bowl in Honolulu.  (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

Denver Broncos GM Josh McDaniels has announced that the team will try and trade quarterback Jay Cutler.

To say trying to trade Cutler is an understatement, there is a handful of teams that have a glaring need for Cutler's services.

Cutler has received what he was asking for, lets hope he gets traded to the right team.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Buccaneers have the 19th and 81st picks of the 09' NFL Draft.

Quarterback Luke McCown has stated that he is ready to start for the team, while Josh Johnson thinks this is the opportune time for him to battle for the starting role.

Neither of these two players can cut it in the NFL as far as I'm concerned, there's no way the Bucs cold start the season with these two and think they have a shot at the playoffs.

Look for the Buccaneers to trade their first and third round picks, for the Pro Bowler Cutler.

If they can manage to complete this trade, the franchise could land their first franchise quarterback since having Doug Williams.


Detroit Lions

The need for Cutler in Detroit is obvious.

The team has has a hard time finding their future quarterback, trying with Joey Harrington and failing.

They think they can do it with Matthew Stafford out of Georgia, but are they willing to wait for the results.

The Lions could find themselves without a franchise, if they wait any longer, and with the first overall pick in the 09' draft, they have leverage.

If they were to trade their first for Cutler, they could be getting a steal. Who knows, they could even get a second or third rounder back with that trade.

This is a team that I would think Cutler wouldn't want to go to, we shall see.


Tennessee Titans

They have an old quarterback in 36-year-old Kerry Collins.

Wait they have Vince Young, why would they make a trade for Cutler?

Young has shown signs of brilliance at times, but lacks the know how to lead a team. With the Texas Longhorns, he had a lot of talent around him, there was no need for him to lead the team mentally wise.

We all heard the experts saying: Surround him with better wide receivers, and he will be be better. That was until everyone saw what happened with Collins calling the shots.

Bottom line is, neither Collins or Young are going to lead the Titans to the promised land, the team will not be in the same position they were last year. Trade Young and a draft pick for Cutler.


New York Jets

After falling for Brett Favre and failing to produce anything other than sold out games, the Jets really need a starting quarterback.

Kellen Clemens is not the answer, you might as well line up with Tarvaris Jackson under center. You will get the same results.

While the team has made several offseason signings on defense, there is no getting around the fact that they have no QB.

They could trade their 17th overall pick, setting up the Broncos to sign either QB Mark Sanchez or Josh Freeman.


Jacksonville Jaguars

I'm not so sure that QB David Garrard is a starting player on any NFL team, with the exception of Detroit.

While showing some promise in 07', his second year as a starter was dismal.

The quarterback position is not the only need for this team though, they need better wide receivers.

Why wait for Garrard though, just pull the trigger and deal for Cutler.


Chicago Bears

I reluctantly put the Bears on this list, as I am sure that Kyle Orton will be a fine fit for my most hated team.

Regardless, they desperately need another option at quarterback. In the end, it doesn't matter who's lining up for the Bears, they still won't beat the Packers in 09'.


It doesn't matter which of these teams get Cutler, they will be better off with him on their roster.

I would look for the Buccaneers to steal him away from the Broncos.

Cutler, RB Ward, and Graham. Let's throw in TE Kellen Winslow, and remodified defense, the Bucs could find their way back to the playoffs in 09'.



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