Coaching carousel spins…

Kurt WirthCorrespondent IApril 1, 2009

Memphis interested in Pearl?

Memphis interested in Pearl?

Decided to recap the SEC coaching situation as of today…

  • Calipari is the nation’s first $4 mil/year basketball coach. Wow.
  • Crazy rumor sparked about Bruce Pearl, and Memphis supposedly interested in him for the coaching vacancy. This site confirms that a private jet left Memphis today and is destined for Knoxville. I highly suspect this is just Memphis fans drooling, but an interesting situation nonetheless.
  • Jeff Capel, of the Oklahoma Sooner rebuilding, is being reported as accepting the vacancy at Arizona, which knocks him out of the discussion for the Georgia job. After losing both Anderson and Capel, Georgia is reportedly now looking to Miami’s Frank Haith. Can we say, “do better”?

Interesting how many coaching vacancies in major positions are becoming vacant this off-season. Georgia, Kentucky, Alabama, Arizona, Oklahoma, Memphis and VCU along with possibilities of openings at Missouri, USC and possibly Xavier.