Montreal Canadiens Fans: Welcome Back to the Bandwagon

Jason HitelmanCorrespondent IApril 1, 2009

Winning is a funny thing.

It brings people out from the rocks they had decided to crawl under.

Two weeks ago, there weren't many Montreal Canadiens fans around.  Sure, there were people who used to be fans, back in the beginning of the season when the team was performing well on a more consistent basis.

But there was not much optimism when it came to the success of the Habs.

The same people who were calling for Guy Carbonneau's head in February were chanting his name in March.  "Carbo wasn't the problem, it's Gainey..."

The "CA-REY" chants we heard last year turned into a different, mocking variation when his game slipped after being injured.

Once a hero, Alex Kovalev was vilified for not having as productive a season.  "Send him down to the AHL," was a statement that was often heard.

Most notably, the cheers, a staple in the Bell Centre when winning games, became boos.  As a real fan, I was disgusted.

I have only seen the Canadiens win two Stanley Cups in my lifetime.  Granted, it's enough, but it doesn't really uphold the dominance of years past.

I've seen the dark days of the Habs, the post-Roy seasons when the team struggled and were difficult to watch.

But I have never booed my team.  When you stop supporting them, they are no longer yours.  Unfortunately, some people who follow the Montreal Canadiens have yet to realize that.

These are the very same people who are, once again, in love with "Les Glorieux."  They can smell the playoffs around the corner and they want back in.

With seven points in their last four games, the Canadiens are on the road to recovery.

Bob Gainey has coached the team to play better defensively; the shots against are down considerably.

Carey Price has been solid; even in his shootout loss, he looked stellar.

Alex Kovalev has been awesome.  He has scored eight points in his last four games.

Most importantly, the team looks happy winning.  Their confidence is back and they are getting hot at the right time.  A winning attitude is almost as important as winning the games, and the Habs have just that right now.

So I've made some room on the bandwagon, but I've definitely taken notice of the space I've had to concede.  It's been a tough season for me too, but I've endured every second of it.

Please, if you don't like the results you see, just stay quiet and go about your business; if it upsets me so much, can you imagine what it does to the team you "support"?

Enjoy the playoff run—fan or no fan, it's exciting, isn't it?