Royal Rumble 2013: The Rock Shouldn't Beat CM Punk to Win WWE Title

Joseph Zucker@@JosephZuckerFeatured ColumnistJanuary 16, 2013

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CM Punk losing to The Rock at the 2013 Royal Rumble would be appalling.

The fact that The Rock gets a title shot after not wrestling since WrestleMania XXVIII is bad enough.

It's one thing for him to wrestle John Cena in the main event of WrestleMania. It's understandable that a match as profitable as that would go on last at the biggest show of the year.

It's a completely different thing to have him immediately shot to the top of a line for the best belt in your industry, a title that's earned, at least in theory, on merit.

In fact, it's about as stupid as Cena winning Superstar of the Year Award for 2012 over more deserving candidates like Punk, Daniel Bryan, the Big Show or Sheamus (h/t

More than likely, any criticism of The Rock will simply be dismissed as nothing but whining by the "Internet Wrestling Community."

If that's the case, whatever.

The Rock has been absolutely grating ever since coming back a few weeks ago.

During his first promo, he made fun of CM Punk by calling him a "cookiepuss." Of course Punk hadn't brought up ice-cream bars in a long, long time and had just finished saying that the fans don't even need them, because they're too fat.

Much like the buildup to his match with Cena last year, The Rock is just throwing words at the wall in order to create a catchy Twitter hashtag.

Then there was his "Rock Concert" this past Monday.

Brandon Stroud pointed out on Twitter just how ironic it was that he would call Paul Heyman "Twinkie tits":

Twinkie Tits.Remember that The Rock once had plastic surgery on his pecs to keep them from looking like boobs. #Raw20

— Brandon Stroud (@MrBrandonStroud) January 15, 2013

The worst part was his misogynistic and, quite frankly, disgusting rant on about Vickie Guerrero, whose sole mistake seems to be that her husband died while employed by WWE. Otherwise, why would the company constantly treat her like garbage?

The Wrestling Blog expounds on the issue much better and more in depth.

It would be one thing if The Rock were the heel in this scenario. Then, people would rightfully want to see the crap kicked out of him.

Instead, he's the one we're supposed to cheer for and the one the WWE Universe is only too happy to oblige.

In addition to his sexist promos, The Rock isn't committed to the company.

If he's going to do movies, that's fine. It's great that he found a way to make a ton of money without putting his body through the grinding schedule that pro wrestling demands.

If he's gonna be a wrestler, he needs to actually show up and pay attention to the product instead of crafting his jokes months in advance, only to use them when they aren't appropriate.

And now, with all of these things going against him, The Rock has a chance to win the WWE Title at the 2013 Royal Rumble.

For the people who will read this as simply nothing more than stupid ranting from a Punk fan, realize that these criticisms would stand no matter whom The Rock was facing. The Rock still would remain a homophobic misogynist.