Milwaukee Brewers News and Notes: April 1, 2009

Right Field BleachersCorrespondent IApril 1, 2009

Tuesday’s Game: Brewers 5, Padres 6
Record: 18-10-3

Braden Looper still looked a bit rusty at times, leaving many pitches in the center of the plate, but overall did all right for his second outing of the year.

In four innings he gave up four runs, two earned, but also gave up two home runs.


Ryan Braun had a fly ball hit him on his right hand and he left the game in the second inning. X-Rays came up negative and he has a right-thumb contusion. Still sounds painful.


Tony Gwynn Jr. looked lost in center.


Hart was hitting second and Hardy was hitting fifth.  It’s a lineup Macha is considering.

The young Brewers got a run off and a runner on third off of Heath Bell, but he got out of the jam.


Other Brewers News

Mike Lamb was designated for assignment Tuesday, and the next move is up to him.


Vinny Rottino has been sent down to AA Huntsville to be a Third Baseman. Tyler must have had a rough night.


Bill Hall wants another trip to the postseason and a 30 HR season. So do we, Billy, so do we...


Two Fisted Slopper takes a slight note from Jack and agrees that Rickie is alright and is “too big to fail”. So is Prince. Who isn’t too big to fail? Casey McGehee and Craig Counsell are my guesses.


Sportsbubbler uses numbers to answer the question “If the Brewers are losing out on 60 runs by losing CC and Sheeter, how do they get those runs back?


Prince for MVP? We were chanting it in 2007, so I suppose it’s possible.


More info on Tyler’s favorite Brewer now that Lamb might be on the outs—Casey McGehee.


Brew Crew Ball is having an over/under contest (with prize TBD). I might have to give it a whirl.


Al from Ramblings says that those who want to keep Hardy over Escobar are like the people who wanted to keep Overbay over Fielder: Shortsighted.


If you keep reading down, you’ll find that the Brewers are keeping tabs on the Jason Hammel/Jeff Niemann battle. Both are young arms with major league experience…worth a peek.


SI picked the Brewers to finish second in the Central, ESPN Mag predicted them to worse.

More NL Central Preview from Luke Kohler and Vigilante Sports. And Wheelhouse Radio (who have the Brewers in fifth place).


Minor Leagues

The T-Rats have a Fan Fest next Tuesday, April & and will scrimmage members of the UW-O Baseball team. Soda, Pizza, Hot Dogs, and Popcorn will be free.


NL Central

Bugs and Cranks is still doing the “Your team ain’t S**t compared to the Rays” and it’s the Cubs' turn. Tyler again gets a couple words in and it’s a fun read.

The Astros believe their pitching will be solid.  In related B.S., the Rangers aren’t interested in Ben Sheets, the Cards aren’t worried about their closer or second base situations, and Carlos Lee hustles for every fly ball.

Fukudome’s struggles have continued into the Spring and he might be on a “short leash”. $48 million doesn’t buy you much anymore, does it?


Other MLB News

In ‘Bout Damn Time News, the Tigers are done with Sheff and are eating his salary. Gary is one home run away from 500. You know, if he never hits another home run again, I call that justice.

Geoff Jenkins has been released by the Phillies. MLBTR believes the Marlins are interested.

Turnbow’s going back down to the minors.

Scotty Po got cut by the Rockies

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