Prince Fielder: Your 2009 NL MVP

Mike KentSenior Writer IMarch 31, 2009

I can't wait for the season. After crafting my article with predictions of who was going to win the World Series in 2009, I am just hungrier for baseball.

Thanks to all the people who took part in that piece and showed us who they think will win the World Series, and thanks to all the guys who left comments and their opinions after it was published.

So, now that everyone's had their say about who is going to win the Fall Classic, I think it's time to ask you, the world, who will win the MVP.

This should be fun. I want to know who you guys would pick, preseason, as each league's most valuable, and why.

But first, I want to throw in my two cents: I'm going to call one of the Milwaukee Brewers' young stars, Prince Fielder.

I think it's a given that the MVP will be on a team that makes the playoffs, so my pick works, as I have the Brewers winning the NL Central. And, yes, I am ready for all you Cubs fans to argue.

Yes, I know Milwaukee lost C.C. Sabathia and Ben Sheets this past season, but I'm of the firm belief that Ryan Braun and Fielder will be so hot that it will even out. And, of course, Chicaco's curse will probably come in handy as well.

But you know what? I'll even go out and say that if the Brewers do not make the playoffs, Fielder will still be the MVP. Hey, missing the postseason did not stop Ryan Howard from winning the award in 2006.

Fielder is one of the best rising talents in baseball. Last year, at age 23, he hit 34 home runs, and the year before that, he went yard 50 times.

He is the best hitter on a good team that won the Wild Card last season (sorry to bring back bad memories for Mets fans).

Yes, Fielder's average is way lower than an MVP should be, but once again, look at Howard in 2006. They are really very comparable; Fielder is much like Ryan, just younger.

I guess that most of this just comes from a feeling down in my gut, but I'm going with it all the way.

Can't wait to see your pick and please let me know what you think of my choice. If this article gets more than 200 reads, maybe we will do this again tomorrow, just with the AL MVP.

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