Zack Ryder's WWE Career Needs New Life with Royal Rumble Win or Heel Turn

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With the recent ending to his YouTube show, Z! True Long Island Story, Zack Ryder’s WWE career is in an uncertain place. While one may think Ryder could join Trent Barreta and get released from his WWE contract, Ryder has too much potential and popularity to just get rid of. Instead, WWE should take advantage of the years they spent misusing Ryder and do something big.

How about a Royal Rumble win?

I recently wrote an article about suggesting the possibility of Kofi Kingston winning the Rumble, but a Zack Ryder win may be even more surprising with a bigger impact. No one (except me) would suspect a superstar on the verge of being released to win the Royal Rumble.

At a time when social media is overtaking WWE, why wouldn’t they push their social media star in Zack Ryder. Don’t forget that Ryder is from Long Island, not that far from MetLife Stadium, the host of WrestleMania 29. He and Dolph Ziggler challenged one another to a match at WrestleMania, yet it would seem that the match is not going to happen.

Or is it?

Let’s say WWE shocks us all and has Zack Ryder win the Royal Rumble. Dolph Ziggler still has his Money in the Bank briefcase, which he can cash in at any time.

Whether at Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber or on WWE TV, Ziggler can cash in on Alberto Del Rio or whomever the World Heavyweight Champion is at the time. Ryder chooses Ziggler to challenge for his title at WrestleMania and their match is alive once again.

Another possibility for Zack Ryder’s career is to turn heel.

My PWP Radio co-host recently wrote an article questioning whether it was time to turn Zack Ryder heel. It’s hard not to agree with this idea. Ryder has been very vocal, through social media, regarding his burial by WWE.

He pointed out how WWE ignored the fact that he had more Twitter followers than The Miz and on New Year’s, he made a statement about how WWE dropped the ball with him.

If you think about how CM Punk gets heat, it is often by berating WWE and Vince McMahon. Zack Ryder is starting to do the same thing by blaming WWE for their disrespect of him and his character.

Although we already see a heel Jersey Shore-type superstar in TNA as Robbie E, WWE would hopefully book Ryder better, plus he would have to emphasize the difference between the Jersey Shore and Long Island.

Zack Ryder has been a heel before in WWE.

He was a heel when he teamed with Curt Hawkins when they were associated with Edge in 2007 and when he started his singles career in WWE’s ECW brand.

A heel turn or Royal Rumble win would give Zack Ryder’s career new life as long as WWE’s creative staff decides to give it to him. Again, this is all contingent on Ryder keeping his job.

It is still very possible that Ryder’s show ended with either WWE’s decision or Ryder’s decision for their relationship to end.

Will Zack Ryder stay in WWE? If so, how will WWE give his career new life? Please leave your comments, suggestions and ideas in the section below.





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