Why Colin Kaepernick Will Lead San Francisco 49ers to Super Bowl Win

Jeremy FuchsCorrespondent IIIJanuary 14, 2013

Colin Kaepernick getting ready to throw.
Colin Kaepernick getting ready to throw.Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Colin Kaepernick is the talk of the NFL after his terrific performance in the NFL Divisional Round and it's because of this that it's clear that he will lead the San Francisco 49ers to a Super Bowl victory.

Kaepernick was unstoppable against the Green Bay Packers, throwing for 263 yards, two touchdowns and rushing for 181 yards and two touchdowns.

The Packers had no match for him, at times making it look easy. He should be able to continue that going forward.

The Atlanta Falcons, while talented, do not have the best defense. In the regular season, the team gave up 242.4 yards per game in the air, which was ranked 23rd in the NFL. On the ground, the team gave up 123.3 yards, which was 21st in the league.

The Falcons have struggled particularly against running quarterbacks. In two games, Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton accounted for 704 total yards of offense.

Russell Wilson, in Sunday's playoff game, accounted for 445 yards of total offense.

This all bodes well for Kaepernick, who has the ability to dominate a game with his legs and arm.

Should the 49ers get past the Falcons, which I believe they will, they will face either the Baltimore Ravens or New England Patriots in the Super Bowl.

The Ravens do not have a great run defense, giving up 122.8 yards per game, which was 20th-best in the league. The team gave up 276 yards of total offense to Robert Griffin III.

The Patriots have a better run defense, but the last time these two teams played, Kaepernick accounted for 249 yards of total offense in a 41-34 win.

Kaepernick is young and still prone to mistakes and is not yet a finished product. But, he has shown the ability to win a game by himself and he does not have a great defense remaining in his path. In fact, the three teams remaining have struggled against running quarterbacks and there's no doubt that they will struggle against Kaepernick as he leads his team to a Super Bowl victory.