Super Bowl Rematch To Remember

Dylan HixonContributor IApril 4, 2017

With the six-pack Super Bowl set still fresh in the minds of the fans and the players, the Pittsburgh Steelers picked the Arizona Cardinals as their first preseason game. This must-see rematch will occur on Aug. 13, 2009.

As many know, the Pittsburgh Steelers squeaked out a 27-23 victory over the Arizona Cardinals on Feb. 1, 2009. This historical game had many historical plays, like the 100-yard interception return by James Harrison would go down in Super Bowl history as the longest play during a Super Bowl game.

Larry Fitzgerald will also go down as one of the few who out ran Troy Polamalu, hats off to him.

Some people wonder why the Cardinals? I say that the Steelers chose the Cardinals as the first preseason game for the 2009 season because they know that they have the fire power to defeat them again. Plus they need a good team to see exactly how the rookies stack up against the pre-existing starts of the year before.

The Cardinals on the other hand probably agreed to this game because they might want to come back and prove they have the skill to run with the "Big Dogs." Kurt Warner probably likes this idea because he gets a chance to apply punishment to James Harrison for the pick Warner practically threw right to Harrison.

No matter the reason for the agreement of this game, it will be a game to remember. The result of this game may end up predicting the whole season, along with the games of the Indianapolis Colts and the New England Patriots.

This season will be all about revenge and the come back of the Detroit Lions. Though they will face a tough road they might be in the Super Bowl XLIV facing off against the defending world champions, The Pittsburgh Steelers, in place of the Arizona Cardinals.