Tim Tebow: Mike Westhoff Points out Jets' Extreme Misuse of Polarizing QB

Daine PavloskiAnalyst IIJanuary 11, 2013

Tim Tebow was a non-factor with the New York Jets this season and former Special Teams Coordinator Mike Westhoff isn't shy about it.
Tim Tebow was a non-factor with the New York Jets this season and former Special Teams Coordinator Mike Westhoff isn't shy about it.Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

If only Tim Tebow could travel back in time to last season. Tebow was all of a sudden called upon to start for the Broncos and the season was lost, right? 


Tebow went off, finding ways to win games even if his stats were nothing impressive. Tebow kept rolling all the way to a playoff victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

But, alas poor Tim, time travel isn't feasible yet and he's watching the playoffs from his couch as a member of one of the most dysfunctional professional sports franchises that this nation has ever seen. 

Tebow came to New York as part of some grand secret scheme to shake things up and keep opponents guessing. Instead, he became a punt protector with some broken ribs and...that's about it.

Former New York Jets special teams coordinator Mike Westhoff announced his retirement at the end of the season and might have ruined his chance of being invited back for visits to the Jets facility. 

Westhoff was not candid about the circus formerly known as the New York Jets, as reported by Jane McManus of ESPNNewYork.com. A main topic of Westhoff's discussion was the polarizing QB who once Tebowed his way into the hearts of NFL fans everywhere...and Skip Bayless. 

Westhoff described the Tebow situation as "an absolute mess" noting that "there are things that, as an NFL quarterback, he's very limited in" which is pretty accurate. It's no secret that Tebow isn't the most talented quarterback in the NFL. Tebow is, however, a competitor. Tebow plays hard and, as one hilarious YouTube parody reminds us, wins. Tebow finds ways to win football games, which he showed with the Denver Broncos

The ex-special teams coordinator went on to talk about the reasons why the Jets went after Tebow and the great game plans that came from the addition...or lack thereof: 

"To be honest, I don't think anyone ever answered that question, 'Why did we do it?'

I honestly don't know. I know we didn't practice it;, we didn't practice it in training camp.

We were going to unveil it. Well, I'm still waiting for the unveiling. And it didn't happen."

The Tebow experiment never even got going for the Jets as Tebow found himself on the field for just 77 offensive plays, threw just eight passes and rushed just 32 times, nine of those rushes out of the Wildcat formation. 

Not everyone likes Tebow, but no football player deserves to be treated like the former Gator has been in New York. Westhoff described the entire debacle in one all-encompassing sentence: "It was a distraction, and really a shame because that's a hard-working young man."

Things were looking up for Tim for a few days. There were numerous reports that the Jacksonville Jaguars were going after the former Gator. But now, as the Jags made some personnel changes, they report that they are "no longer interested."

Like Tebow or not, Tim works hard and has a deep love for the game of football and deserves a chance to do something on an NFL team.