In The Cross-Hair: Lawler/Jericho, Taker's Troubles, All In The Family & More

Sulayman H.Senior Writer IMarch 31, 2009

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another edition of In the Cross-Hair.

This week is the end of the build-up leading to Wrestlemania and being the last Monday Night Raw before this Sunday's mega event, this show makes or breaks the feuds on the card.

But did Raw deliver? Let's take a look at this week's show as Raw was live from Dallas, Texas.

We're shown a graphic saying that the Undertaker will be hosting a funeral for Shawn tonight.


18-Diva Tag Team Match

It was nice to see Raw open with a match rather than a promo tonight. The match-up was decent but the highlight came after the match when Santino came to the ring to show off his swimsuit er...mankini.

Spectacular reference to the ex-WWE president. Santino really does his homework.

He even pisses off Beth after his big unveiling which was brilliantly done.

You have my vote, Mr. Marella.

By the way, Tiffany gets the pin here against Katie Burchill.

And we learn that Randy Orton will be addressing the WWE Universe tonight.

Jerry 'The King' Lawler vs. Chris Jericho

This match turned into a brawl as Lawler threw fists left and right but Jericho gained the upper hand by making Jerry tap out to the Walls of Jericho.

After the match, Jericho continued to bash Lawler and then took a few cheap shots at Rourke.

He proclaimed that after Wrestlemania, he will be the only legend in the WWE.

Once again, Jericho and the creative team had the chance to save us from the match-up we're now doomed to sit through come Wrestlemania.

I'm not saying I doubt that Jericho will put these legends over in a great manner, but how little the victims of the assault retaliated against Chris.


Edge & John Cena Segment

T-Grish is about to interview John Cena in the locker room when they're both interrupted by the Rated-R Superstar.

Edge tries to convince Cena of a possible alliance between the two.

While Cena admits that it would make sense, given the history between the two, he could not trust Edge and makes a statement that he's going to Wrestlemania to become champion.

An old template of a segment which has been shown too many times when Triple Threat matches are involved.

Nothing much to say here.


Ted DiBiase & Cody Rhodes share a few words with Michael Cole

Cody says that Randy will address all that has come to pass including his actions last week. Ted tells us that what Orton has to say will change the WWE universe for ever.

We'll see, guys.

Next up, we're shown a hearse in the parking lot and a few men taking out a casket.

Shawn pops out and asks us if we were expecting someone else.

Nichole Scherzinger tells us she's going to be at Wrestlemania.


JBL vs. Rey Mysterio

Why give us this match when we're less than a week away from Wrestlemania?

Never mind, it will probably raise more questions than answers.

Tolerable to say the least, as Rey gets the pin.

This further confirms my suspicion that JBL will retain. Hopefully, Rey will move on to bigger and better things.

We get a small video package recapping Wrestlemania XI.


John Cena vs. Big Show

Cena and Show gives us a less than stellar match. The highlight of the match was John Cena desperately trying to grab Show while applying the STFU.

That was funny as hell looking at Cena struggling to lock the submission hold in.

Another noteworthy was Edge coming to the ring and attacking Cena; Big Show just stood there, he could've tossed Edge out of the ring easily.

Could the unlikely pair have formed an alliance?


HBK/Taker Segment

Before I say anything, let me say this.

This segment was simply the best and is an example of just how good Shawn Michaels and Undertaker really are.

Shawn walks to the ring where portraits of his and a casket are set along with some flowers.

Instead of a Shawn Michaels funeral, we get to see one for the undefeated streak of the Undertaker.

Shawn tells the Undertaker that with all of his accomplishments, he has never beaten Michaels.

Its true that the Undertaker has put the hurt on many a superstar in the past, but has never come out the victor in any of his prior battles with the Show Stopper.

Then, Shawn slowly walks towards the casket and then suddenly opens the casket expecting the Undertaker to be in it and is mildly surprised, but hides it pretty well.

Shawn proceeds to flee as the lights go off in the arena.

After a few moments of pacing, Undertaker turns his head slowly in the direction of the casket.

When he opens it, he finds nothing there and frustration begins to grow within the Deadman.

Out of nowhere, Shawn appears from underneath the casket and delivers another composition of his Sweet Chin Music.

Once again, Shawn is set to steal the show at Wrestlemania, this time with fellow veteran: The Undertaker.

This promo worked well for a few reasons.

The timing and facial expressions of both Michaels and Taker were right on the money.

When the lights went off, Shawn made it seem as if he hid in the casket which made the finale of the segment even more exciting.

Backstage, Ted and Cody are instructing security to be prepared for anything that may come.


Eight Man Over the Top Rope Battle Royal

History could be made if the MITB winner cashes his contract in at Wrestlemania.

Before the match gets underway, we're treated with a spectacular promo of the Hardy vs. Hardy match.

The match gets started as it's every man for himself.

The highlight of the bout was Mark Henry's elimination by Hornswoggle's distraction.

Kane won the Battle Royal by lastly eliminating CM Punk and Christian.

Backstage, Randy walks with Legacy as he prepares for his address.

Oh, and Kid Rock is coming to Wrestlemania as well, big surprise.


Randy Orton's address

A mixed reaction from the crowd as Orton enters the arena. I wonder what kind of reaction he gets if he's to win in Houston.

This was mostly a flashback segment with Randy Orton telling us why and how he did all those despicable things.

Randy sort of steps out of character when he acknowledges the crowd, but never mind that.

Randy explains to all his deeply laid plans to destroy Triple H.

In my opinion, the WHAT? chants are getting old.

Anyways, Orton continues to show clips of him causing havoc and mercilessly beating the entire McMahon family.

Orton stated that he was fully aware of his actions inadvertently acknowledging that the I.E.D. was a ruse.

He says he was sure that Triple H would seek vengeance for the RKO to his wife and thus had to push Hunter in a comfortable zone so that he could further enrage Triple H by kissing Stephanie in front of him.

It was all part of the plan. But you have to wonder, can Orton be credited with all of the planning?

Take a look at this article


Suspicions aside, Orton informs us that Vickie has added a few stipulations to their match-up.

Triple H can lose the title if counted out or disqualified.

He tells us that he is the future and soon people will line up to impress him.

Orton shows his cocky side here and continues to say that he will finally beat Triple H.

He is interrupted by a limousine pulling up, Ted and Cody bring the fuzz to the ring.

The limousine appears empty. Orton claims he has no problem with ending Triple H's reign tonight.

Vince McMahon's music plays. Holy S***!

The Chairman is here and he doesn't look too happy, he gets ready to brawl as Shane and Triple H join him.

They walk to the ring, easily getting rid of the human barricade and each picks a Legacy member to put the hurt on.

Brawling ensues as Shane and Vince take care of Ted and Cody as Hunter and Orton come to blows and the show goes off air.

The end of last night's Raw left me craving for more. Why didn't they show Vince deliver a kick to Orton's head or see more of the beat down that would follow?

Perhaps the McMahons have something planned for Friday Night...


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