I Smell a Rat, and It's the Billion-Dollar Princess

markus griffithCorrespondent IMarch 20, 2009

I have a feeling that Stephanie McMahon is secretly in Legacy.
I mean isn't it funny how when it got out that Vince was coming back, this whole feud started?
Just look at it, when Stephanie became GM of RAW, she gave Randy a few No. 1 contender matches and even granted him the two handicap matches that he wanted.
And if you look at some of the promos with Stephanie and Randy after Randy punted Vince, you will see that they were not acting like two people who are not secretly partners.

I have had this feeling since January. Like I have stated in my opening paragraph, isn't it funny how this feud started? It started the exact same week Vince was coming back.
So being that Stephanie knew that once her dad came back, she would have little to no control, what could she do? She enlists the help of Legacy.
And why wouldn't Legacy take the deal? They are already a dominant stable and with the GM in your stable, you will have all the power.

How does she pull it off with no one knowing?
Any how, now that Stephanie is in Legacy, what she does is start planning how to make Randy champ without anybody knowing she had anything to do with it. What she does is begin a feud with Chris Jericho; she fires him, knowing full well that he will show up next week pleading his case to Vince on why he should have never been fired.
The week Vince comes back, Stephanie tells Randy,Cody and Ted whats going to happen that night. she tell them the plan. Which starts with a rumour that Randy is going to get fired for what he did to Manu and Sim Snuka last week.
Randy goes to Stephanie's office to find out if he is getting fired. This turns out to be false; however, while in Stephanie's office, Stephanie says some rude things to Randy. Randy says she is worthless, which gets him slapped by Stephanie.
So at the end of the night, Chris is in the ring pleading his case to Vince on why he should have never been fired. Vince doesn't rehire Chris, but Stephanie does. So now Randy comes out telling Vince and demanding an apology for what Stephanie did to him earlier.
After Randy insults Stephanie some more, Vince tells her to leave the ring. Then Vince begins to insult Randy and eventually tells Randy to apologize to him or he will be fired.
Randy refuses to apologize which leads to Vince firing Randy, but before he can utter the words Randy slaps him and punts him in the head. This takes Vince out so Stephanie's can continue her plan.

Bump in the road
Being that the Royal Rumble was that Sunday, and Randy was the only one with any kind of alliance going into the rumble, he won. So being that he won, the Royal Rumble  means that he was guaranteed a world title shoot at WrestleMania 25.
However, Shane wanted to get revenge on Randy for he did to his dad. Stephanie and Randy had to think of a diversion so Shane wouldn't catch on to their plan.
This led to the law suits that Randy said he would press if fired and the no holds barred match at No Way Out. So that Shane lost. Stephanie knew that Shane wouldn't stop until he's on top, she told Randy to take him out,, so he would not be able to interfere in their plan anymore.

Sudden change in gold
Well after Triple H won the WWE title at No Way Out, Randy decided that he's gonna  challenge Triple H for the WWE title at WrestleMania 25. So once he tells Stephanie, she calls Triple H acting like she is worried about Shane, when she is just setting him up.
The match with Shane and Randy goes on and ends with Shane getting punted in the head by Randy and Stephanie coming to the ring to check on Shane, but actually she was coming to the ring so Randy can RKO her and Randy could start feuding with Triple H.
So after Triple H cools down, he provokes Randy to use his Royal Rumble win to face him at WrestleMania 25 for the WWE title instead of the World Heavyweight Champion. In which Randy did accept Triple H's challenge but said some words of his own.
Which made Triple H very angry and told Randy that this was now personal and "I'm gonna BREAK YOUR NECK!!!"

History shows.
In this paragraph I will show how history supports my theory
  • The WWE title has changed hands only twice at No Way Out

2/25/01-Kurt Angle vs The Rock

Where The Rock defeat Kurt and goes on to WM17 to defend the then WWF championship against the 2001 Royal Rumble winner Stone Cold Steve Austin who wins the championship and then we finds out that he made a deal with his arch rival.

2/15/04-Eddie Guerrero vs Brock Lesnar

Where Eddie defeats Brock because Brock is leaving the company

  • Stephanie has turned on her family before

12/12/99-Triple H vs Vince (Armageddon)

After this match which Triple H won. Stephanie revealed that she on Triple H's side and not her dad's.

Also she tried to take her dad out of business when she revealed that she was the new owner of ECW and that she and Shane was going to take their dad out of business.