Why CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan Will Happen Again in WWE

SMGAnalyst IIJanuary 8, 2013

photo credit: prowrestlingpowerhouse.com
photo credit: prowrestlingpowerhouse.com

CM Punk and Daniel Bryan rose through the independent scene to WWE where they had one of the most memorable feuds of 2012. With their continuous popularity, excellent wrestling abilities and arguable drawing power, another match between the two is inevitable.

CM Punk and Daniel Bryan have a long history together that was detailed on WWE.com last May, just before their WWE Championship bout at Over the Limit. They would also headline (use that term loosely) other WWE pay-per-views including No Way Out with Kane in a Triple Threat match.

It’s hard to say why WWE included Kane in the match, but another one on one match may have seemed too repetitive. Apparently, they didn’t feel the same way about Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio or Sheamus and Big Show. In any case, Punk and Bryan’s feud was short lived as WWE had Punk feud with John Cena in August of 2012.

Among the items discussed with Punk and Bryan in the WWE.com article, the WWE champion talked about how wrestling fans told them they should main event WrestleMania against one another.

Despite the infrequent meetings, however, Punk conceded there was a general feeling that the two would inevitably collide with the supreme prize at stake: “A lot of hardcore wrestling fans used to say that me and him were going to main event a WrestleMania at some point, and not only were we going to do that, we were going to do it against each other,” Punk said. And while that match is still a pipe (bomb) dream, Punk does admit that “[Over the Limit] might be the first step toward that main event.”

A showdown on the grandest stage of them all is not out of the question for CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. Punk is still WWE Champion and will be defending the title against The Rock at Royal Rumble. If Punk can hold onto the title past the Rock and the Elimination Chamber, he can still be WWE Champion at WrestleMania.

Daniel Bryan also has the opportunity to see CM Punk at WrestleMania. Bryan is expected to be among the 30 participants in this year’s Royal Rumble. Although he is currently WWE Tag Team Champions with Kane, I suggested Bryan could still win the rumble.

Team Rhodes Scholars are ready to take the tag team titles away from Team Hell No, despite their popularity. The only reason why Team Hell No should drop the gold is to allow Daniel Bryan to win the rumble and head back to the main event.

There have been comparisons made between Punk-Bryan and the feud amongst Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels. The Heartbreak Kid spoke about these associations last August with Aftermath on the Score. With that said, if Punk and Bryan have the opportunity to headline WrestleMania, they should do so in the same way Hart and Michaels did.

In an iron man match.

WWE has not seen an iron man match since 2009 when John Cena defeated Randy Orton in a WWE Championship match. It’s time for the 60-minute marathon of a match to return and CM Punk and Daniel Bryan would certainly deliver an entertaining match due to their chemistry and wrestling abilities.

CM Punk and Daniel Bryan are at the right place for this match to happen. As the WWE Champion and arguably most over superstar in WWE right now respectively, Punk and Bryan would provide fans with a must-see match. Whether at WrestleMania or a different event, the two indy wrestlers turned WWE top stars will meet again.



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