Which Fight Should Be The Main Event At UFC 100?

Nate DoubleAnalyst IMarch 30, 2009

UFC 100, scheduled for July 11, is being hyped as the biggest event in the company's history. While no fights have been officially added to UFC 100's event page, there have been rumors and confirmations regarding some of the bigger fights.

Welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre will defend his belt against the dangerous Thiago Alves. Also rumored is a rematch and unification fight between heavyweight champ Brock Lesnar and interim heavyweight champ Frank Mir.  

While UFC 100 is certainly historically significant, at the end of the day it is like every other pay-per-view in that the UFC wants to make as much money as possible from it.

In order to bring in a historic level of PPV buys, the UFC will likely launch a historic media blitz to promote the card. I fully expect to see commercials on ESPN, multiple press conferences and media appearances with the fighters, as well as a prime time countdown show for the big names on the card.

For the UFC, it's about the bottom line, but make no mistake that this is simply another event for the fighters on the card. Being asked to fight on this card is an honor for these fighters. Being on a card this heavily promoted increases mainstream exposure and helps cement a legacy.

The argument for a Lesnar-Mir main event is that right now there is no bigger star in MMA than Brock Lesnar, from a PPV standpoint. Whether MMA fans love him or hate him, they tune in to see him, and he also brings in crossover buys from entertainment wrestling fans.

Couple Lesnar's drawing power with the "feud and revenge" aspect of his rematch with Mir, and we have the perfect storm of hype to sell the fight. Both fighters are also providing plenty of pre-fight smack talk, which is always good for the bottom line.

On the other hand, GSP is no PPV slouch. Events where he has been the main event have consistently done over 500,000 buys. He is also one of the faces of the UFC and will be defending his title for the third time.

However, GSP and Alves seem to have started a mutual admiration society, and neither is likely to start a war of words before the fight, which, while refreshing, doesn't exactly hype the fight.

Co-main event is an oxymoron, and someone is going to be slighted, regardless of how the UFC spins it.

So, Bleacher Reporters, which fight do you think deserves headline status at UFC 100?