Why Jay Cutler Is Destined To Stay a Denver Bronco

Kyle EggemeyerCorrespondent IMarch 30, 2009

Jay Cutler will not leave the Broncos.

Sure, he feels betrayed right now and wants to leave, but the organization is not going to let him go, and soon Cutler will realize his best years are yet to come.

The similarities between Jay Cutler and John Elway are just too great to ignore. It is like the second coming of Christ for the Broncos: It is destiny.  

I generally find the best place to start anything is the beginning. Cutler was born on Apr. 29, 1983...Three days after Elway was drafted to the Baltimore Colts.  

Jay Cutler was a four-year starter at Vanderbilt, the bottom feeders of the SEC.  He never lead his team to a bowl game, but his senior year he managed to win the SEC Offensive Player of the Year. His career stats were 9953 yards, 710 completions and 76 touchdowns.

John Elway was a four-year starter at Stanford, the bottom feeders of Pac-10.  He never lead his team to a bowl game, but his senior year he managed to win the Pac-10 Player of the Year.  His career stats were 9349 yards, 774 completions and 77 touchdowns.

After college, both players were drafted in the first round and both started games as rookies.

Pretty similar so far...

Well, as it turns out, both players have rather grandiose views of themselves, too.

Cutler has been all over the news for his overreaction to head coach McDaniels attempt to trade for quarterback Matt Cassel. John Elway refused to play for the team that drafted him which is why he ended up in Denver. He also had a conflict with coach Dan Reeves that ultimately ended with Reeves being fired.

This is why I believe the Broncos will side with the player, not the coach if it comes to that.

Both quarterbacks made it to their first Pro Bowl during their third season. They rapidly matured over the course of their first three years. Cutler had nine touchdowns his first season, 20 his second and 25 his third. Elway had seven touchdowns his first, 18 his second and 22 his third. 

Beyond personality and statistical similarities, both quarterbacks are similarly gifted physically. Both have rocket arms and pin-point accuracy.  They are known as the quarterback that can roll out and throw a 60-yard pass across their body on a rope and hit a receiver in stride.  

Also, both quarterbacks are known for being very mobile in the pocket and are very tough to bring down.

The likeness of Cutler and Elway seems to hold within itself a slight bit of destiny.  I believe Jay Cutler will remain a Denver Bronco and before his career is done hold many Lombardi trophies over his head.  

Now if only we can find the second coming of Terrell Davis...