WWE Draft Analysis: Predictions Are More Than You May Think...

KumarCorrespondent IMarch 29, 2009

So people have been giving WrestleMania predictions? I give one better. Draft predictions.

The Draft is one week after WrestleMania, allowing to get a spark rating until Judgement Day, which delievers the worst ratings of the year. The Draft should last this WWE Recession out, and if I can tell my part, you'll see why we'll get out.

When people say out with the old, in with the new; this year is the other way around.

There are going to be two parts to this article; Actual Draft Predictions, and what I want to happen.

My Predictions for this year’s Draft:

Last year, Raw was basically handed Rey Mysterio, Batista, and Kane, CM Punk, and Kofi Kingston. Edge and Orton stayed where they were, Triple H was headed to SmackDown for a “short time”, and Matt Hardy was en route to ECW.

Kennedy was supposed to be on SmackDown, but his year was wasted due to being out.

First Pick: William Regal to ECW

This has been flying around just about everywhere, along with Kennedy going to ECW. I don’t believe that Kennedy would even want to go, considering that he’s ready for a Main-Event run or upper mid-card run.

Regal’s got the veteran touch that ECW needs; a guy who can get a job done, get heel heat, and still not Main-Event.

Regal would probably be put in a feud with Tommy Dreamer: Submission vs. Extreme. Tommy could end his historic career in a bang by owning Regal every step of the way.

Second Pick: Christian Cage to SmackDown

Christian’s is everyone favorite (not mine) to win Money in the Bank. He’s going to get the push he needs, and will finally get to the top of the card.

His possibilities are endless on SmackDown, with both the Hardyz to feud against, Edge for old times’ sake (maybe), and even MVP for a future Mid-Card feud. Shelton Benjamin could also fuel Christian once he gets on there.

I made an article a long time ago on Christian going to Raw. He could fit in with Jericho, and ride that train that Jericho can’t diss his Peeps. For face/face, we could see a competitive feud with HBK, and if all fails here, I don’t know where else to go.

Third Pick: Rey Mysterio to SmackDown

Rey was never meant for Raw. Even when Cena was there, Rey always got a bigger pop. No matter what anyone says, Rey’s the face of SmackDown, not Undertaker.

Undertaker’s a Legend, and has his moments, but doesn’t head a brand. Rey actually does. He’s the image of SmackDown; new, eye-popping, and NOTHING compared to Raw (in a good way).

Fourth Pick: Evan Bourne to Raw

Bourne looks destined for a push right now. He says “Mid-Card” to me all over, and an IC reign is sounding like “Heaven! Heaven!” to me. Either my thoughts are screwed up, or something sounds right.

Bourne has a chance with the infinite heels on the brand. Did someone say Rhodes and DiBiase?

Fifth Pick: Edge to Raw

This is the year that Edge and Vickie finally get split up, and WWE would be dumb to not split them up by now. Edge was always better on his stints at Raw. Lita? Rated RKO?

That time he owned Cena in every arena because he didn’t have to do anything, the fans did it for him? I rest my case.

Edge also is unique in that he’s so extremely psychotic, he can take a heel/heel feud, and actually make it successful. I could see some mega Orton/Legacy thing with him.

Orton and Legacy could rule Raw, but then after the matches, Edge would attack, sort of like his old days in 1999 as a thug. Edge could be gunning for Orton the whole time, but still hate the crowd and fans.

Edge would get respect out of marks, and actually accomplish something on his stay. I see Edge being the next face of Raw, as Cena leaves for SmackDown.

Sixth Pick: John Cena to SmackDown

SmackDown’s going to get a ton back this year, as John Cena goes back home. Cena can feud with anyone, as his storylines revolve around contenders for his Title. Every time.

Face or heel, Cena will find something at SmackDown.

Seventh Pick: Triple H to Raw

Triple H also needs to come home to Raw. Like Rey Rey, he isn’t meant for SmackDown, and his character says “Attitude Era, Live” all over it. He needs more exposure than Cena, and that’s the only way WWE will stay alive.

We’ll need for people to actually view Raw in two years. Who’s runnin’ it? HBK (laugh track plays)? He can’t run it for another six years.

Eighth Pick: Chris Jericho to SmackDown

I always thought Y2J had his glory years on SmackDown. WWE wants to switch up the constant storylines of Y2J bashing a Legend and it looks like the only way to do that is to put him on SmackDown. ECW is too low…even for the Legend Killer.

Ninth Pick: Shelton Benjamin to ECW

Shelton could make a run as ECW Champ, and like I said earlier, ECW needs veterans. If both Regal and Shelton go to ECW, maybe it’d be more entertaining to watch than a card with the same guys every week.

Hell, maybe it could be Shelton’s mama vs. AkD for the ECW Championship.

No, but hear me out. Shelton could make a good feud for just about anyone in that brand. They’re so low on that WWE scale we see right now that they, put in a feud with Shelton, could get a push themselves out of it.

Shelton has the power and the skill to carry someone in a feud.

Tenth Pick: Kurt Angle comes back to SmackDown.

Angle’s contract with TNA ends this year. Angle could next the next Christian Cage, and jump back to WWE. He’s considered a WWE-made Legend (similar to HBK or Taker), and I personally think he belongs there.

He’s the greatest in my book, and he’ll be back soon enough. He doesn’t have to worry about his wife anymore and his relationship with Rhaka Khan isn’t serious, so what’s for guessing, guys?

My Case

MVP to Raw

Angle to SmackDown

Edge to Raw

Batista to SmackDown

Rey to ECW

These picks may surprise you, but the two some may not get are Rey and Batista. Let me explain…

Batista gets along with Triple H. No matter what anyone says, Triple H and Batista have great matches, and for some stupid reason, Batista is better on the mic when he’s with Triple H. I think its called chemistry, guys. Batista doesn’t have chemistry with anyone else on either roster, so I think this will work out.

Rey should go to his real home…ECW. ECW was where Rey started, and if anyone was fortunate enough to see footage from that, his greatest time in his career, in my opinion, stemmed there.

Now some may ask, how is new and old similar? Well, both have smaller rosters, and Rey excels on a smaller roster. I’m sick and tired of him with big men, so let’s put him with the Cruiserweights again.

Wanna argue? Want one debate or two? Rant a little? Just comment your thoughts on this. I’ve gotten rumors on this, and my picks are in there, so dig THAT, suckas.


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