NFL Draft: A Closer Look at the Combine's Quarterbacks

Austin ArnoldContributor IMarch 28, 2009

ATHENS, GA - NOVEMBER 29:  Quarterback Matthew Stafford #7 of the Georgia Bulldogs threw for 407 yards and 5 touchdowns during the game against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets during the game at Sanford Stadium on November 29, 2008 in Athens, Georgia.  The Yellow Jackets beat Bulldogs 45-42.  (Photo by Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images)

We all know that the combine has produced great failures and great players; this is my diagnoses of the combine.

I will start with the quarterbacks. Please read my next article on the halfbacks.

This year's quarterback bunch is going to be weak compared to next year, but it's still pretty strong. 


Photo of Rhett Bomar

Rhett Bomar, 6'2",  225 lbs.

The ex-Bearcat is an amazing athlete, who threw for 3,355 yards, 27 touchdown passes, and lead the Bearcats to Holiday Bowl as a redshirt freshman.

Positives: Bomar has a quick release and big arm. He keeps defenses honest and has good mobility.

Negatives: He is a bit cocky, stays on one receiver too long, and tries to force things.

NFL Potential: He will be an adequate starter in the NFL.


Photo of Nate Davis

Nate Davis, 6'1", 226 lbs.

Nate Davis is a little difficult to get a grip on, with 9,233 yards and 74 touchdowns. Nate "The Great" Davis played in a spread offense, which inflated his stats.

Positives: Davis has a big arm, leadership, poise, and NFL accuracy to all levels of the field.

Negatives: He has to convert to a pro-style offense. He also has a learning disability and is shorter than most scouts like.

NFL Potential: He will someday be a great quarterback but needs time to develop.


Photo of Mark Sanchez

Mark Sanchez, 6'2", 227 lbs.

Mark Sanchez is an excellent talent, but it's hard to see what he will do at the next level because of all the talent that was around him at USC.

Positives: Sanchez reads defenses well and rarely throws into coverage. He has shown rare accuracy on the roll out and distributes the ball all over the field.

Negatives: He doesn't have much experience. He runs a bit hot and cold: He has a tendency to score touchdowns in bunches. He isn't a finished product yet.

NFL Potential: He needs time to develop, but Sanchez will be a great quarterback.


Photo of Matthew Stafford

Matthew Stafford, 6'2", 225 lbs.

Matthew Stafford was a top quarterback in college and has all the potential to be in the NFL. Stafford will most likely be drafted in the top three for sure.

Positives: Stafford has excellent bulk and strength. He can perform with a leaky line. He is durable.

Negatives: He can get fundamentally lazy and has shown sloppy footwork. He needs to work on judging receiver distance.

NFL Potential: Stafford can be a five-star quarterback.


Photo of Pat White

Pat White, 6'0", 197 lbs.

Pat White is an amazing athlete who can get points on his feet or in the air. Many draft experts have said he should switch to receiver.

Positives: White has excellent speed and vision with the ball in his hands. He will also take and deliver big hits, despite his wiry frame. He will look off the safety before throwing to his primary target. He is a leader.

Negatives: White lacks prototypical quarterback size and is not strong enough to take a lot of hits. He does not always secure the ball and will keep it in his strong hand, even when he runs right. He lacks patience in the pocket.

NFL Potential: He can be a starter in the league, but he needs time to develop.