15 WWE Characters Who Can Become Superstars in 2013

Travis Wakeman@@traviswakeman10Correspondent IIDecember 31, 2012

15 WWE Characters Who Can Become Superstars in 2013

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    WWE will air their final show of the 2012 year on Monday night with a New Year's Eve episode of Raw. As we look back on the year, there were several superstars that stepped up to become big names in WWE.

    Ryback burst onto the scene and rode one of the more impressive winning streaks seen in years. He is now a bona fide main-eventer. 

    The Shield debuted at the Survivor Series and have destroyed everything in their path ever since.

    What does 2013 have in store for these superstars? And who are some others that could take the next big step in the coming year and become even bigger?

    Here is a look at 15 superstars who could do just that.

Big E Langston

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    Big E Langston hasn't been on the main roster long, but he has already made a big impact.

    Inserted into the storyline between AJ Lee and Dolph Ziggler, Langston is acting as the muscle of the group. He has already laid out John Cena and The Miz a couple times each.

    He is one of the legitimately strongest men the WWE has had in years and will be a force against guys like Cena and Ryback. Both of those would be great matches and Langston could rise to the top quickly with wins over either of them.

Antonio Cesaro

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    Cesaro has spent the last four months in WWE as the United States champion after taking it from Santino Marella. Since then, he has steadily gotten better every week.

    Cesaro has made several successful title defenses against superstars such as R-Truth and Justin Gabriel and he has impressed many within the WWE Universe with his raw strength, as evidenced by his lifting of Brodus Clay for his "Neutralizer" finishing hold.

    Cesaro has held his own with the upper echelon of talent such as Cena and over the next calendar year, could easily become one of the top guys in the company.

    Cesaro is a future World champion.

Dean Ambrose

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    Dean Ambrose came in as part of The Shield, unleashing a devastating attack on Ryback at Survivor Series.

    Ambrose seems to be the unofficial leader of the group due to his tremendous speaking skills. But he can get it done in the ring too. 

    Regardless of how long the angle with The Shield lasts, Ambrose will be a star for many years in WWE.

Kassius Ohno

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    Formerly known in his independent days as Chris Hero, Kassius Ohno is possibly the best wrestler currently in NXT.

    It shouldn't be long before he is introduced to the WWE universe and he has all the tools to become a big time superstar.

Tamina Snuka

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    WWE needs to do a lot more with this diva than they currently do, but she has what it takes to be as good as any diva on the roster.

    Backing up Vickie Guerrero was a good idea. That was, until they had her lose to AJ Lee almost immediately and she hasn't really been used since.

    If WWE can come up with a plan for Tamina, one that they are willing to stick to, she could have a big year.

Roman Reigns

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    Another part of The Shield, Roman Reigns is definitely the most intriguing, not to mention the most powerful.

    Reigns hasn't had a lot to say since coming to WWE, but he has the bloodlines to succeed.

    The son of Sika, who was one half of the Wild Samoans tag team, Reigns has an interesting future ahead of him.

Heath Slater

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    Heath Slater probably isn't even the most talented guy in his own group, 3MB, but he has seemingly been anointed their leader.

    Despite losing just about every match he was in, Slater made a name for himself leading up to the 1,000th episode of Raw, facing a new legend each week. He even had a memorable face-off with Cyndi Lauper.

    At WrestleMania 28, Slater was involved in an altercation with Flo-Rida. While a match at WrestleMania 29 between the two men probably wouldn't be very appealing, its something WWE is definitely capable of doing.

Kofi Kingston

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    Kofi Kingston was definitely a guy who took the next step in 2012, mainly due to his series of matches with The Miz that saw him become Intercontinental champion.

    Kofi is way over with the crowd and one of the most athletic men on the roster. Seeing him in the main event picture soon would not be a surprise.


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    Technically, Naomi is just one of Brodus Clay's dancers. But after seeing her win the "Santa's Little Helper" battle royal on the pre-show prior to TLC, it shows WWE may have bigger plans for her.

    Naomi earned a Divas title shot and although she lost to Eve, it was definitely a case of WWE seeing what she was capable of.

    Naomi can do more than dance and in 2013, the entire WWE universe will realize that.

Corey Graves

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    This might be a bit of a longshot, but Corey Graves is beginning to stand out and has even been used on the road at WWE live events.

    He has an interesting look to go along with a solid in-ring arsenal. If given the chance on the main roster, Graves could shine.


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    Another product of NXT, this girl should see the main roster sooner rather than later if WWE is smart.

    She is unlike any diva on the roster and would make some what of an "anti-diva," a perfect contrast to the crop of girls there now such as Layla, Kaitlyn and Eve.

Seth Rollins

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    Rollins, the final member of The Shield, is another guy with a bright future. 

    Known as Tyler Black on the independent scene, many fans already know what he is capable of. After signing with WWE, he reported to NXT, where he became the very first NXT champion.

    Now as a member of The Shield, Rollins will no doubt get to mix it up with the best WWE has to offer and that should set a barometer for how far he can go.

Bray Wyatt

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    Do you recognize the man speaking in the video? Well, let's pretend you don't. Let's pretend that he has never been on the WWE roster and he comes in with a fresh start.

    This is a character, which if handle properly and performed properly, could be excellent.

    Bray Wyatt will get his shot on the main roster at some point and he will have a chance to be very good when he does.


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    Though she hasn't been part of WWE long, Charlotte will likely see the fast track to the main roster. Why? Well, she is the daughter of the 'Nature Boy' Ric Flair, after all.

    Charlotte, real name Ashley Fliehr, is 26 years old and does have an athletic background. What role she'll play in wrestling remains to be seen. She may be an in-ring performer, she may just be a valet. But because of who her father is, she'll get the chance to be one..... or both.

Damien Sandow

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    Damien Sandow had a very good year in 2012, becoming one of the top heels in WWE. But he spent a good part of it in a tag team with Cody Rhodes.

    While team Rhodes Scholars has been successful, Sandow's future lies in singles competition.

    He has ran with the character he has been given and has developed a solid repertoire of moves inside the ring. WWE should give him a chance in some high-profile feuds in 2013 and see how far he can take it.

    2013 could be an even better year for this man.