Tony Romo: Why the Dallas Cowboys' Postseason Never Had a Chance

Bo MartinContributor IDecember 31, 2012

LANDOVER, MD - DECEMBER 30:   Tony Romo #9 of the Dallas Cowboys reacts after throwing his second interception in their game against the Washington Redskins at FedExField on December 30, 2012 in Landover, Maryland.  (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
Rob Carr/Getty Images

Take away the hype. Take away the flashy headlines, the fourth-quarter comebacks and the dramatic season. Look at it from plain site, no obstructions, just the Cowboys.

Did you really think this team had a chance at the postseason?

I admit, I too got sucked in the media headline swarm of Cinderella magic. Yet, as the game started here in Washington and Tony Romo threw his second interception, I knew it, we’d all been had.

Through the untrained eye, one would see that this is a roster of talented players who can all win a Super Bowl. On the other hand, some may see a roster of players who have squandered opportunities to cement their legacies.

Enter Tony Romo.

Look, I’m an open Tony Romo supporter. Perhaps, I’ve kept a sheet over my eyes, trying to keep myself from the truth. Tonight though, I saw what everyone else did for the first time, a tremendous regular-season quarterback who can’t win big games.

The Cowboys have been put in a very bad situation. They are committed to Romo for next season and have to decide whether to extend him long-term. Aside from that, there will be good prospects available when the Cowboys go to pick in the first round. Hypothetically, say Tyler Wilson, Mike Glennon, Matt Barkley or even Geno Smith fall to the Cowboys, do you risk your first-round pick to take one?

It’s worth entertaining.

The Cowboys have to realize that for all Romo’s strengths and all the magic he musters, he can’t even seem to conjure up a consistent game in clutch opportunities. 

I’m not saying that Romo is a bad quarterback or even that he has to go. I’m saying that the Cowboys need to evaluate the future with Romo, and if they really believe that he has it in him Super Bowl winner.

Personally, I don’t believe he does.

Romo is 1-3 in the playoffs and has been just as bad in season-ending division games. While he’s been brilliant getting the Cowboys into the “big games,” he hasn’t been able to close. This point is a truth that is haunting a Cowboys franchise that is striving to reclaim its past success and escape mediocrity.

Until the Cowboys recognize the need for this team to evolve and get younger, they won’t be the competitive team that they desire to be. 

With Romo at the helm, a deep Super Bowl run isn’t in the cards. Frankly, postseason aspirations don’t even have a chance. 


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