2012 NFL MVP: Adrian Peterson Is Only Option After Dragging Vikings to Playoffs

David Daniels@TheRealDDanielsSenior Writer IDecember 31, 2012

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - DECEMBER 30: Adrian Peterson #28 of the Minnesota Vikings looks on during a game against the Green Bay Packers on December 30, 2012 at Mall of America Field at the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome in Minneapolis, Minnesota. (Photo by Andy Clayton King/Getty Images)
Andy King/Getty Images

Peyton Manning’s play this season was just as spectacular as Adrian Peterson’s, but that doesn’t mean they should be co-2012 NFL MVPs.

If you couldn’t tell, MVP doesn’t stand for "Best Player." "Most Valuable" refers to how indispensable a player is to his team.

In 2012, no one was more indispensable than Peterson—it isn’t even close.

Peterson takes handoffs from a QB by the name of Christian Ponder.

Now, Ponder deserves to be cut some slack. After all, ever since Percy Harvin got injured (who, ironically, was an MVP candidate when healthy), his arsenal of weapons has had the intimidation factor of a squirt gun. That still doesn’t change the fact, though, that Ponder is one of the worst starting quarterbacks in the entire NFL.

Outside of their "Where-did-that-come-from?" effort against the Houston Texans in Week 16, the Minnesota Vikings defense hasn’t been anything special this season, either.

Despite those facts, and despite sitting not-so-pretty with a record of 6-6 just four weeks ago, they still managed to pave their way into the postseason.


Adrian Peterson put the whole freaking team on his back and carried them across the finish line.

He shouldn’t be the NFL MVP because he rushed for 2,097 yards and 12 touchdowns on 6.0 yards a pop. He shouldn’t be the NFL MVP because he did all that after tearing his ACL just eight months before the season.

Peterson should be the NFL MVP because where in the world would the Vikings be without those 2,097 yards and 12 touchdowns on 6.0 yards a pop?

They’d be watching the Green Bay Packers play the Chicago Bears on Wild Card Weekend.

Manning doesn’t mean half as much to the Broncos as Peterson does to the Vikes. Denver made it to the Divisional Round of the playoffs last year with Tim Tebow running the show, for crying out loud.

If Peterson doesn’t win MVP outright, he got royally screwed over.


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