Junior dos Santos vs. Cain Velasquez Results: Round-by-Round Recap and Analysis

Scott Harris@ScottHarrisMMAMMA Lead WriterDecember 29, 2012

Junior dos Santos vs. Cain Velasquez Results: Round-by-Round Recap and Analysis

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    Saturday night at UFC 155, Junior dos Santos puts his heavyweight title on the line against challenger and former champ Cain Velasquez.

    Dos Santos (15-1, 9-0 UFC) will try to defend his belt for the second time. Velasquez (10-1, 8-1 UFC) hopes to reclaim the title he lost to Dos Santos in November 2011, when the two fought on the inaugural UFC on Fox card.

    Read on for real-time, round-by-round analysis as the action unfolds. 

Round 1

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    The arena is deafening as they touch gloves.

    The action starts and Cain moves forward. He lands a takedown but Dos Santos pops right back up. Velasquez is seriously pushing the pace. Dos Santos lands a right. Cain fails at another takedown.

    They're tradiing rights now and Cain fails in another takedown attempt. Junior lands to the body and Cain lands a counter right. Cain lands a kick to the body, then fails another takedown. Dos Santos is just stepping out of them. Cain completely relentless. Velasquez cut along the hairline and Dos Santos looks a little puffy in the face.

    Cain lands a left. Then he lands a massive overhand right and puts Junior down! Dos Santos is down with a minute left. Cain is pounding him on the ground and Dos Santos is covering up. Dos Santos is up but he is out of it. Now he's back down. Cain has his back and is hammering him. Dos Santos up again, then down again and Cain has his back again. Round ends and Dos Santos is stumbling around like a character in a Charles Bukowski novel.

    Score: 10-9 Velasquez

Round 2

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    Cain starts aggressive again another huge takedown. Dos Santos looks like he doesn't want to be there. Completely exhausted. Turtling up now on the ground. Cain really having his way. There's a scramble and Cain handles it easily.

    Another big takedown. Dos Santos has never been outwrestled this way before. Ever.

    Cain has his back on the ground. They get back up and Dos Santos has him against the fence. They break free and Dos Santos is just reeling. Cain calmly hits another takedown and gets his back. I think that's six takedowns total.

    With 2:10 to go, Cain lands a left on the feet. Then another takedown. Pure domination from Velasquez. Can Dos Santos recover? Can Cain close the deal.

    Cain looking for an armbar but Dos Santos locks his arms up and slips out. Back up on the feet now and Cain pushes Dos Santos back against the fence. Dos Santos isn't putting up any offense at all. He's in a total daze. He eats a few more shots as the round ends.

    Score: 10-9 Velasquez

Round 3

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    Between rounds, Junior's corner implores him to "show your heart." We'll see. Cain's as cool as a cucumber. Junior's eye is swelling up and he's marked up everywhere.

    Dos Santos lands an uppercut. He seems to be rallying. Cain takes it to the ground and commences to pounding. Now they're back against the fence. Dos Santos wants to fight back but Cain is smothering him. Against the fence Junior lands a sharp elbow. He's not out of it yet. Velasquez is looking to smother rather than finish. 

    Cain lands a right and then a left right on the chin. With a minute left Cain goes for a whizzer but Dos Santos partially defends it. Crowd seems to be chanting "Cigano." Round ends with the two trading in the center.

    Score: 10-9 Velasquez

Round 4

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    And we're into the championship rounds. Junior's right eye and lip are both really swollen.

    Dos Santos is landing a little more often. He is rallying for sure. Cain answers with leg kicks, just staying calm and walking him down. Dos Santos lands a couple of body punches from the clinch.

    Cain lands another right to Dos Santos's jaw, but it doesn't put him down. What does put him down is another takedown for Cain. Back up and they clinch and Cain lands an uppercut. Dos Santos looks wobbly again. Cain clinches instead of striking and the action slows again.

    That's pretty much how it ends.

    Score: 10-9 Velasquez

Round 5

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    In the final round now and it's amazing Dos Santos is still upright. The chin on this guy!

    Velasquez presses forward and they clinch up. Referee Herb Dean just told Dos Santos he'll deduct a point if Dos Santos grabs the fence again. Dos Santos has been doing that a lot.

    Junior's still in it but his hands are low and Cain is capitalizing. Dos Santos defends a takedown and then lands a right hand. He is always dangerous.

    Velasquez locks up the clinch again; he appears to be content for this to go the distance. He lands a trip in the center of the Octagon and gets Junior's back. Now he gets on top and starts raining elbows. His endurance is every bit as good as advertised. Again they clinch against the fence. 

    We're at the one-minute mark and they're still against the face. Dos Santos's right eye may be swollen shut. Cain lands a head kick but Dos Santos doesn't go anywhere. This has been a beating but Dos Santos has proven his toughness.

    Round score: 10-9 Velasquez

    Predicted final score: 50-45 Velasquez. Looks like we have a new champion at heavyweight.


    Official decision: Cain Velasquez defeats Junior Dos Santos by unanimous decision, 50-45, 50-44, 50-43